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Historical Mystery Sites

A Web Published Regency Mystery
Archaeology in Fiction - bibliography (not just mysteries)
Brer Fox - a wonderful listing of historical mystery authors and books.
Crime Spree Magazine - The link is to a .pdf file version of Ayo Onatade's survey of medieval mysteries from issue number 6. If you do not have the software to read .pdf files, you can get that at Adobe Reader download
Criminal History - a site for fans of historical crime fiction giving a quick overview of the different periods, with recommended titles and related articles going into more depth. Also some British signing and publishing news
Crime Time UK - an excellent Brit based general mystery site, with some interesting HM related content such as an interviews with Caleb Carr and Gwendolyn Butler
The Detective and the Toga Bibliography and other news about mystery novels and short stories set in Ancient Rome
Eurocrime Another excellent Brit based site focusing on British and European mysteries, with interviews and reviews that include some of historical mystery interest.
Cursor Mundi Medieval Journal has a very extensive interview with the Medieval Murderers group of Historical Mystery writers (Bernard Knight,Ian Morson,Michael Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Philip Gooden)
Detectives on Stamps

Historical Mystery Bibliography by CTT's own Dean James

Historical Mystery Appreciation Society Fan organization (dues required to join) that publishes an award winning fanzine: Murder Past Tense and bestows the Herodotus Award honoring excellence in historical mysteries
Historical Mysteries w/ Women Sleuths -
Website is Women in World History
Medieval Lives (Videos) - In Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives, his mission is to rescue the Middle Ages from moth-eaten cliches and well-worn platitudes. Behind the stereotypes of “damsels in distress” and “knights in shining armor,” there are wonderfully human stories that bring the period to life.
Medieval Quadrant Renee Vink's Medieval Mystery Dbase, including mysteries in languages other than English
Mystery Readers International A general mystery journal with several special issues about historical mysteries, with some of the articles available online.
Pompeii Gateway: Pompeii: A.D. 62
Roman Fiction Bibliography of historical novels set in ancient Rome plus timelines, informational essays, and other associated historical information.
Susanne's Historical Mystery Blog - Susanne Alleyn interviews fictional sleuths from past centuries. [CTT's Favorite Website!]

General Historical Sites

HISTORICAL WEB INDICES (directories of historical sites/information sources)

A Page of Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana - "Notable and Obscure Characters and Places of popular Victorian Fiction"

American Civil War Home Page - Dedicated to both North and South 1861 - 1865

American Civil War @ Smithsonian

American Civil War- Texas during the Civil War: Daily life, Fabric, uppliers, Texas timeline.

American Civil War Time line

American History - Outline Early America to 21st Century

Ancient Greece in novels, stories, and cinema

Artotyrites Webpage by a CTT list member about a Christian faith that dates back to 156 A.D.

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy

Blithering Antiquity CTT author Daniel Elton Harmon publishes a fun online "Magazette of Historical Curiosities, Inquiries & Intrigues"

British Titles of Nobility An Introduction and Primer to the Peerage. For even more information about British, European, and non-European royalty and nobility and their proper titles, check out the FAQ about royal and noble families.

Historical Novel Society - General historical fiction we are a community (dues required to join) for authors, agents and publishers.

The Liturgical Hours A cool reference letting you understand medieval liturgial hour times in modern terms by giving you the Hour of the Day, Latin Name, English Name, Time in Modern Hours & associated Vigil.

Metheglin Press - Contemporary reference manuals for 17th century merchants and 19th century settlers for sale

Museum of American History Kenneth E Behring Center

Museum of London Online site for the largest city museum in the world - prehistoric to modern London

NYPL Digital Gallery - over 275,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more.

Online Guide to Cotton and its Role in the Civil War - Online Guide to Cotton and Its Role in the Civil War

Renaissance, the Elizabethan World is dedicated to Elizabethan social history. A content-packed site that also includes a well organized set of links to other sites related to Tudor England.

Renaissance Society Informational site about the history of the times, culture, and society of the Northern & Southern Renaissance movement.;

Roman Ball Games Illustrations from ancient Greece and Rome with explanatory essays

Shrewsbury Castle - informational site dedicated to a location more than familiar to Cadfael fans.


The Victorian Web "Literature, history, & culture in the age of Victoria"


Mystery Parties, Vacations & Fun!

Elizabethan Costume Guide - Articles via Wholesale Costume Club
How to Host a Murder Mystery - Dinner Party Games
Killing Time Murder Consultants - Party Planning
Life in Renaissance Times - Articles via Wholesale Costume Club
Madison Street Inn Santa Clara, Silicon Valley CA - Plan a Murder Mystery Weekend
Murder Mystery Events (UK) - Separate Murder Scripts, Treasure Hunts, Themed Dinners, Corporate Hospitality, Team Building Events, Evening Entertainment, and Dinner Theatre
Murder Mystery Weekend - Vacations, train trips and dinners
Mysteries By Vincent - For the ultimate in "do it yourself" mystery party entertaining!
Mystery Reader Personality Type by CTT member Rosalie Stafford. Follow the instructions on the page to contribute your data. Sometime in 2004, with the help of an expert in personality typology, Rosalie will publish the results in an article for her Mystery Webzine, correlating mystery taste with personality type.
Stick-man Murder Mysteries - Online mystery games. Not historical, but fun!


Historical Mystery Booksellers
Listings in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS are owned and/or managed by fellow list members

Aunt Agatha's New & Used Mysteries, Detection & True Crime Books - the site includes an online inventory / store and thoughtful reviews by the owner, that include historical mysteries. Fair disclosure - the site is maintained by your beloved webmistress.
Backlist eBooks Store - Historical Mysteries in eBook - International online general bookstore
Booked for Murder is a listmember's "local", which they highly recommend for selection and service.
The Internet Bookshop UK - who have a large database of US and UK books at reasonable prices plus P&P
MURDER BY THE BOOK in Houston is one of the United States's oldest and largest mystery bookstores, with a large selection of historical mysteries, both US and UK imprints. Want lists welcome.
Mystery Lovers Bookshop Recommended by one of our international CTT group members who has difficulty getting historical mysteries in English where she lives, the Mystery Lovers Bookshop carries backlist and British editions (with an online form to request they order ones they don't carry, including non-mystery), with a membership program (free with your first web purchase) offering free shipping on orders over $45 and accumulated credit toward free books.
Poisoned Pen Press - Mystery specialist small press "publishing excellence in mystery". Offerings are a mixture of original mysteries, quality reprints, and reference books.
Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore - recommended by a list member as an Indy who cares and makes the effort to help the customer. Who also has lots of British Headline Press, sometimes at used-book prices and a lot of book signings.


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