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Historical mystery is one of the fastest growing subgenres.

On our discussion list we talk about history, culture, authors and mysteries. We often share information found on the net about the historical periods written in the novels. We are an ever growing list made up of both authors and readers. We welcome historical readers and writers of all kinds. Authors may promote their web sites and work on the list. List members with historical mystery newsletters or web sites may also promote their interest on the list. We also have a monthly voluntary group read for members to join in on.


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Discussion List Rules

Promotions and Announcements on CTT

CTT is a discussion list. Although readers want to hear about new sites, new reviews and new HM information, they don't want them taking over the discussion list, so here are a few rules:

These types of post need to be related to Historical Mysteries. [Off-Topic promoting will get one's posts moderated]

They also need to actually benefit CTT readers [ i.e. new HM information, contests, chapter previews, author web page updates, signing dates, conventions, review announcements, publisher announcements, special book sales online (Ex: UK books at US store), etc.....]. Please remember that this is a group for fans of historical mysteries, not group focusing on subjects of interest to HM authors rather than readers.

These posts need to be few and far between -- certainly no more than once a week and even that often may be inappropriate, depending upon content [Constant promotion posting will get one's posts moderated]

The word "PROMO:" or "ANNOUNCEMENT:" should be in the subject heading of posts that are otherwise appropriate, but purely promotional. -- EXAMPLE -- PROMO: Contest --- OR -- Announcement: Sisters in Crime meeting.... Note: adding that to the header does NOT in itself make the promotion acceptable. See the above guidelines on content. Reminders will be sent out to those who forget, and forgetting too often will get one's posts moderated.

Please, please DO NOT send promos or advertising about out services, site, etc directly to CTT authors. They are here to chat, just like the rest of us.


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