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Susan Wittig Albert
Susanne Alleyn
Carole Nelson Douglas
Carola Dunn
Kathy Lynn Emerson
Michael Jecks
Laurie King
Jeffrey A. Marks
Fidelis Morgan
Sharan Newman
Robin Paige (aka Susan Wittig Albert)
Elizabeth Peters
Sharon Kay Penman
Mary Reed & Eric Mayer
P. B. Ryan


Susan Wittig Albert There's a link on Ms Albert's website to subscribe to a combined newsletter covering:
  • Her own Beatrix Potter series
  • The historicals she writes with her husband under the name Robin Paige
  • Her own and her husband's non-historical mysteries

      You can subscribe through a signup form on their website

      She also has a Beatrix specific newsletter available for viewing as a .pdf file at her website

Susanne Alleyn There is a signup form on Ms Alleyn's website to subscribe to her newsletter covering occasional updates, announcements for new novels, et cetera.
Carole Nelson Douglas Ms. Douglas has a combined Irene Adler/Midnight Louie (non-historical) newsletter. You can send a request to be subscribed (include your mailing address) via:
  • Snail mail to:
    Midnight Louie's Scratching Post-Intelligencer
    PO Box 333551
    Fort Worth TX 76163

  • email
  • Or when it is activated (the author's site is being completely revised), using the link on the author's web site

You can view newsletter archives using the link to the under construction new site at the above website, then click on the link to newsletters (that will also take you to the not yet active form)

Carola Dunn Carola doesn't have a full newsletter. However, she does send out regular mailings about forthcoming books to people who email her requesting to be added to the list. To get your name on the notification list, send an email to Ms. Dunn.
Kathy Lynn Emerson The Face Down Update and Deadly Tidbits Newsletter covering both her Lady Appleton and Diana Spaulding series is available via email, as a .pdf formatted attachment. It goes out twice a year, in the spring and the fall. To receive a copy, send an email to Ms. Emerson.

To see past newsletters, click here

Michael Jecks There's a link on his website to sign up for an occasional email newsletter
Laurie King There's a link on Ms. King's new website to sign up for an email newsletter discussing "Laurie's latest novels, tour schedules, movie deals, and fascinating research".
Jeffrey A. Marks To sign up for his newsletter discussing "Craig Rice, US Grant, and whatever topics come to mind...", visit Jeff's web page and enter your name and email on the form.
Fidelis Morgan To receive Fidelis's newsletter, visit her site and fill out the form.
Sharan Newman Catherine LeVendeur's creator now offers the the email only "Not So Modern Times" newsletter. To receive a copy, you can subscribe using the form at Ms. Newman's website.
Elizabeth Peters Elizabeth Peters publishes a newsletter that covers all three names she writes under - Mertz/Peters/Michaels. It includes, but is not limited to, discussion of her Amelia Peabody historical mysteries. Copies are posted to her website where there are also instructions to request a hard copy subscription.
Robin Paige (aka Susan Wittig Albert) Susan and her husband Bill Albert write together as Robin Paige, and Susan also has a new historical series coming out under her own name. You can subscribe to their email newsletter covering joint and individual, historical and non-historical writings, through the link to a form on their site
Sharon K. Penman To be on her mailing list to receive information, updates, etc. visit her web page and fill out a form.
Mary Reed and Eric Mayer To receive The Orphan Scrivener, their bi-monthly newsletter email Mary
P. B. Ryan There's a signup box on Ms. Ryan's website to receive her email newsletter offering a heads-up about releases, plus links to cover art, excerpts, and more.



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