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Crime Thru Time -- Series Time Line Page 2

[This Means War Timeline]

B.C.E Ancient Early Medieval 11C 12C 13C 14C 15C 16C 17C 18C 19C 20C Multi-Era
19th Century
17601820 Reign of George III [England]
18041815 Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte [France]
18111820 Regency Period [England]
18201830 Reign of George IV [England]
18371901 Reign of Victoria [Victorian England]
18421998 British rule over Hong Kong [Asia]
18611865 Civil War Era [USA]
1893 Queen Liliuokalani surrenders Hawaii to the US
Adamson, Mary Jo (MICHAEL MERRICK Series) [Massachusetts USA] Mid 19th Century
Akunin, Boris (ERAST FANDORIN Series) [Czarist Russia] Late 19th Century
(SISTER PELAGIA Series) [Czarist Russia] 19th Century
Alcott, Jack Grim Legion [West Point, NY] 1831
Alexander, Lawrence (TEDDY ROOSEVELT Series) [NYC] mid-1890s
Alexander, Tasha (LADY ASHTON Series) [London, Greece, Vienna & Turkey] Victorian
Andrews, Beth The Unforgiving Eye [Hertfordshire, England] 1818
Andrews, Val (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiches) [Various] Victorian
Appignanesi, Lisa (BELLE EPOQUE Mysteries) [Paris] Fin-de-siecle 1899-1900
Ashton, David (INSPECTOR MCLEVY Mysteries) [Edinburgh, Scotland] 1880s
Astaire, Libi (EZRA MELAMED Mysteries) [London] Regency 1810
Auswaks, Alex Sherlock Holmes in Russia [Russia] Victorian
Ball, Pamela The Floating City [Independent Kingdom of Hawaii] 1890s
Banks, T. F. (HENRY MORTON Series) [London, England] 1815
Barnes, Jonathan The Somnambulist [London] Victorian
Barrett, Dean (ANDREW ADAMS Series) [Hong Kong/S.China] 1857
Barron, Stephanie aka Francine Mathews (JANE AUSTEN Series) [England] 1803-1807
A Flaw in the Blood [Windsor, England] 1861
Barton, Wayne & Williams, Stan Lockhart's Nightmare [Western USA] late 19th C
Bastable, Bernard aka Robert Barnard (AMADEUS MOZART Series) [England] 1820-1830
Bayard, Louis Mr. Timothy [London, England] 1860s
The Black Tower [Paris, France] early 19th C
The Pale Blue Eye [West Point, USA] 1831
Bebris, Carrie (MR. & MRS. DARCY Series) [England] 1810s
Betancourt, John Gregory Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society [England] Victorian
Biddle, Cordelia Frances (MARTHA BEALE Series) [Philadelphia, PA USA] 1840s
Black, Michelle (EDEN MURDOCH Series) [American West] 1850s
Blaine, Michael Midnight Band Of Mercy [NYC] 1890s
Booth, Matthew (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [Britain] Victorian
Bornais, Gilles (JOE HACKNEY Series) [Britain] Victorian
Bradley, James The Resurrectionist [London & New South Wales] 1826-36
Bradshaw, Mel Death in the Age of Steam [Toronto, Canada] 1856
Brandreth, Gyles (OSCAR WILDE Series) [London, England] 1880s
Brewer, James D. (BIG RIVER DETECTIVE Series) [USA] 1870's
Brightwell, Emily (MRS. JEFFRIES Series) [England] Victorian
Brightwell, Gerri The Dark Lantern [London, England] 1893
Broomall, Robert Murder In The 7th Cavalry [American Frontier] 1875
Bryan, Kate aka Ellen Recknor (DISCREET INQUIRIES Series) [USA] 1875
Buchanan, Heather Dark River [Detroit, Michigan] early 19th C
Burman, Carina (EUTHANASIA BONDESON Series) [Various locations] mid 19th C
Butler, Gwendoline Dread Murder (MAJOR MEARS Series) [Windsor, England] early 19th C
Burns, Ron (CAPTAIN HARRISON HULL Series) [USA] 1809-1826
Cabasson, Armand (CAPTAIN QUENTIN MARGONT Thrillers) [Europe] 1806-1814
Carr, Caleb (DR. KREIZLER Mysteries) [USA] 1890s
The Italian Secretary [Scotland] Victorian
Carr, John Dickson The Bride of Newgate [England] 1815
Captain Cut-Throat [France] 1805
Fire Burn! [England] 1829
Scandal at High Chimneys [London] 1865
Papa La-Bas [New Orleans USA] 1858
The Hungry Goblin [England] 1869
Speak of the Devil [England] 1815-1816
Chance, Megan The Spiritualist [NYC] 1856
Charnocki, Ian (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [England] 19th C
Child, Peter (INSPECTOR HADLEY Series) [London, England] Victorian
Christilian, J. D. Scarlet Woman [USA] Victorian
Chukran, Bobbi (SAMANTHA SLATER Mysteries) [Texas, USA] 1880s
Clark, Clare The Great Stink [London] 1855
Conan, James City of Dark Hearts [Chicago, IL] 1890s
(reissue, with revisions, of Dark Hearts of Chicago by William Horwood and Helen Rappaport)
The Coburg Conspiracy [London] 1894
Cooke, Jason Sherlock Holmes and the Morphine Gambit [England] Victorian
Cooper, M. E. (CIVIL WAR Series) [USA] 1862
Cornwell, Bernard (CAPTAIN RIDER SANDMAN Series) [England] Georgian Era
Cox, Michael (EVANWOOD Thrillers) [London & Northamptonshire] 1854-1876
Crabbe, Richard (TOM BRADDOCK Series) [USA] 1880s
Craske, Darren (CORNELIUS QUAINT Series) [London, England] 1850s
Crichton, Michael The Great Train Robbery [London, England] 1855
Crow, Donna Fletcher (LORD DANVERS Mysteries) [Scotland] 1850s
Crowleigh, Ann aka Barbara Cummings & Jo-Ann Power (CLIVELY CLOSE Mysteries) [England] Victorian Era
Cutler, Judith (PARSON TOBIAS CAMPION series) [Warwickshire, England] 1810
Davies, David Stuart (Various Sherlock Holmes Stories) [England] Late Victorian
Davies, Martin (MRS. HUDSON Series) [England] Late Victorian
Day, Dianne Cut to the Heart [USA] 1863
de Santis, Pablo The Paris Enigma [Paris France] 1889
DeAndrea, Willian The Lunatic Fringe: A Novel Wherein Theodore Roosevelt Meets the Pink Angel [NYC, USA] 1890s
Dean, Anna (DIDO KENT Series) [England] 1805
Delaney, Vicki (KLONDIKE Mysteries) [Yukon Territory] 1805
Dexter, Gary (HENRY ST LIVER stories) [England] Victorian
Dibdin, Michael The Last Sherlock Holmes Story [England] 1888
A Rich Full Death [Florence, Italy] 1855
Dickinson, David (LORD FRANCIS POWERSCOURT Series) [England] 1890s-1902
Dietrich, William (ETHAN GAGE Series) [France, Egypt, US, Mediterranean] late 1790s-early 1800s
Douglas, Carole Nelson (IRENE ADLER Series) [England] 1889
Druett, Joan (WIKI COFFIN Series) [Various locations on ship and land] 1830s
Dukthas, Ann The Prince Lost to Time [Paris, France] 1815
The Time of Murder at Mayerling [Austria] 1899
Eidson, Thomas Souls of Angels [Los Angeles, CA] 19th C
Emerson, Kathy Lynn (DIANA SPAULDING Series) [USA] 1880s
Engel, Howard Mr. Doyle and Dr. Bell [Scotland] 1879
Estleman, Loren D. (SHERLOCK HOLMES PASTICHES) [England] Victorian
Falkingham, Jeff (SHERLOCK HOLMES PASTICHES) [Minnesota USA] Victorian
Fawcett, Quinn aka Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Bill Fawcett
(MYCROFT HOLMES Mysteries) [England] Victorian
(VICTOIRE VERNET Series) [France] Napoleonic
Faye, Lyndsay (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [England] Victorian
Ferguson, Jo Ann (LADY PRISCILLA FLANDERS Mysteries) [England] Regency
Finch, Charles (CHARLES LENOX Series) [England] Victorian
Fitzpatrick, John S. (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [Montana USA late 19th C
Fitzpatrick, Kylie The Ninth Stone [London, England] 1864
Fleming, Joan Screams from a Penny Dreadful [England] Victorian
Too Late Too Late the Maiden Cried [England] Victorian
Fois, Marcello (ADVOCATE BUSTIANU Stories) [Sardinia, Italy] 1890s
Foxall, Raymond (HARRY ADKINS Series) [England] Georgian-Regency
Fraser, Guy (JARRETT, GRANT & QUINN series) [Glasgow, Scotland] 1860s
Fraser, Sara (THOMAS POTTS Series) [England] 1826-7
Frost, Mark (ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Mysteries) [England] Victorian
Fuller, David Sweetsmoke [Virginia] Civil War 1862
Garcia, Emanuel E. (SHERLOCK HOLMES pastiche) [London, England] Victorian
Gardner, Ashley (CAPTAIN GABRIEL LACEY Series) [London, England] Regency era 1816
Gardner, John (PROFESSOR MORIARTY Series) [England] Victorian
Gaspar, Stephen The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [Canada] 1897.
Gatiss, Mark (LUCIFER BOX Series) [London] 1890s
Gilbert, Paul D. (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [England] Victorian
Goddard, Robert Painting the Darkness [England] 1882
Goldstone, Lawrence The Anatomy of Deception [Philadelphia, PA] 1889
Gooden, Philip (TOM ANSELL mysteries) [England] 1870s
Goodwin, Jason (YASHIM Series) [Ottoman Empire] 1836
Graham, Mark (WILTON McCLEARY Series) [Philadelphia, USA] 1870s
Granger, Ann (LIZZIE MARTIN & INSPECTOR BENJAMIN ROSS Series) [London, England] 1860s
Grant, Philip (SERGEANT BARTHOLOMEW HOLMES Series) [London, England] 1895
Grant, Tracy (CHARLES & MELANIE FRASER Series) [London, England] 1816-17
Gray, Clio (WIGBERT STROOP Series) [London, England] early 1850s
Gray, John MacLachlan (EDMUND WHITTY Series) [London, England] early 1850s
Grayson, Richard (INSPECTOR GAUTIER Series) [Paris, France] "La Belle Epoque"
Greenwood, L. B. (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiches) [England] Victorian
Gregorio, Michael (HANNO STIFFENIIS Series) [Prussia] 19th C
Gregson, J. M. (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [England] 19th C
Groom, Carola The Good Doctor [England] Victorian
Gutteridge, Don (MARK EDWARDS Series) [Toronto, Canada] 1836
Hall, Oakley (AMBROSE BIERCE Series) [USA] 1870s
Hambly, Barbara (FREE MAN OF COLOR Series) [USA] 1830s
Hand, Dana Deep Creek [Pacfic NW USA] 1887
Hardwick, Michael (SHERLOCK HOLMES PASTICHES) [England] Victorian
Harmon, (Daniel) Elton The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales [USA] Post Civil War
Harris, C. S. (SEBASTIAN ST. CYR Mysteries) [London, England] 1811
Harris, Jana (PEARL RYAN Mysteries) [Washington State, USA] 1890s
Harrison, Ray (SERGEANT BRAGG Series) [England] 1890s
Hastie, Edmund (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [England] Victorian
Hatvary, George Egon The Murder of Edgar Allan Poe [Baltimore, MD] 1849
Hayden, Channing (TALES OF THE FENCING MASTER) [New Orleans, USA] 1810
Haviland, Diana (GASLIGHT AND SHADOWS Mysteries) [USA] 1890s
Heck, Peter J. (MARK TWAIN Series) [USA] 1890s
Hervey, Evelyn (MISS HARRIET UNWIN Series) [England] Victorian
Hilton, John Buxton (DERBYSHIRE MYSTERY Series) [England] Victorian-Edwardian
Hoch, Edward (BEN SNOW Stories) [USA] late 19th C
Hockensmith, Steve (OLD RED & BIG RED AMLINGMEYER Series) [USA] 1890s
Holland, David (BELLMINSTER Series) [England] 1833
Honig, Donald (TOM MAYNARD Series) [Montana Territory, USA] 1870-76
Horan, Ellen Dark Hearts of Chicago [Chicago, IL] 1890s
(reissued in 2008, with revisions, as City of Dark Hearts by James Conan)
Horwood, William and Rappaport, Helen 31 Bond Street [New York City] 1857
Hosier, Sydney (MRS. HUDSON Series) [England] Late Victorian
Hunter, Evan Lizzie: A Novel [US & Europe] 1890s
Izner, Claude (VICTOR LEGRIS series) [Paris, France] 1889-1890s
Jackson, Lee London Dust [England] Victorian
(INSPECTOR WEBB Series) [England] Victorian
(SARAH TANNER Series) [London] 1850s Victorian
Jakeman, Jane (LORD AMBROSE MALFINE Series) [England] 1830s
Jeffries, J. G. (aka Sturrock, Jeremy also listed below)
(JEREMY STURROCK BOW STREET RUNNER Series) [England] Georgian-Regency
Jeffers, H. Paul (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiches) [London, England] Victorian
Jenkins, Rebecca (RAIF JARRETT Series) [England] Georgian
Jennings, Maureen (WILLIAM MURDOCH Series) [Toronto, Canada] 1890s Gaslight Era
Jones, Douglas C. (OSCAR SCHILLER Series) [Arkansas USA] 1892-1907
Jones, J. Sydney (KARL WERTHEN Werthen Series) [Austria] 1898-9
Jones, Steven Philip (SHERLOCK HOLMES pastiche) [England] Victorian
Jozsa, Magda (SHERLOCK HOLMES pastiche) [USA] late 19th C
Karp, Larry (THE RAGTIME KID series) [Mississipi, US] 1898-1951
Keating, H. R. F. A Remarkable Case of Burglary [London, England] 1871
Kellough, Janet On the Head of a Pin [Canada] 1830s-40s
Kilian, Michael (HARRISON RAINES CIVIL WAR Series) [USA] 1861-1862
King, Peter (NED PARKER HANSOM CAB Mysteries) [London, England] 1870s
Kirton, Bill The Figurehead [Aberdeen, Scotland] 1840
Knight, Alanna (INSPECTOR JEREMY FARO Mysteries) [Scotland] Victorian
(ROSE MCQUINN Mysteries) [Scotland] Late Victorian
The Stuart Sapphire [Brighton, England] Regency
Kruger, Mary (BROOKE CASSIDY DEVLIN Series) [USA] 1890s
Kurland, Michael (PROFESSOR MORIARTY Series) [Britain] Late Victorian
(SHERLOCK HOLMES Anthologies) [Britain] Late Victorian
Laine, Annabel (CHARLES DORNAY Mysteries) [England] Early Victorian
Lane, Willoughby (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiches) [England] Victorian
Langford, Michael The De Vere Papers [Cambridge, England] 1868
Lawrence, Margaret The Iceweaver [NY, USA] 1809
Ley, Alice Chetwynd (ANTHEA AND JUSTIN RUTHERFORD Series) [England] Regency
Leadley, Steve (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [UK & USA] Victorian
Ledbetter, Suzann (JOSEPHINE BECKWORTH SAWYER Series) [Denver USA] 1870s
Linsley, Clyde (JOSIAH BEEDE Mysteries) [USA] 1836
Lock, Joan (SERGEANT ERNEST BEST Series) [London, England] Victorian
Locke, M. Louisa Maids of Misfortune [San Francisco, CA] 1879
Long, Martin (WELLINGTON COTTER GASLIGHT MYSTERY Series) [Sydney, Australia] 1880s
Lovesey, Peter (SERGEANT CRIBB Series) [England] 1879-1880s
(ALBERT, PRINCE OF WALES Series) [England] 1886-1890s
Lovisi, Gary (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [Switzerland and USA] late 19th C - early 20th C
MacLean, Anna (LOUISA MAY ALCOTT Series) [Chicago, USA] 1889
Mailman, Erica Woman of Ill Fame [San Francisco, CA] Gold Rush - mid 19th Century
Eddie Maguire (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiches) [England] Victorian
Maher, Mary The Devil's Card [USA] 19th Century
Mallory, Michael (SECOND MRS WATSON Stories) [England] Victorian
Mann, Edward (MAXWELL HOUGHTON Series) [Various locales] 1869
Marks, Jeffery (ULYSSES S. GRANT Series) [USA] 1865
Marshall, William (VIRGIL TILLMAN & NED MULDOOON Series) [NYC, USA] 1880s
Marston, Edward (INSPECTOR ROBERT COLBECK Series) [England] 1850s
McCleary, Carol The Alchemy of Murder [NYC, London & Paris] Victorian
McConnor, Vincent I Am Vidocq [Paris, France] 1823
McCreet, James (GEORGE WILLIAMSON & NOAH DYSON Series) [London] early Victorian
McDonald, Hal The Anatomists [London] 1825
McGee, James (MATTHEW HAWKWOOD Series) [London] 1811
McGregor, Iona Death Wore a Diadem [Scotland] 1860
McMillan, Ann (CIVIL WAR Mysteries) [Virginia, USA] Civil War
McNamara, Frances (EMILY CABOT Series) [Chicago IL] 1890s
Medawar, Mardi Oakley (TAY BODAL Series) [USA] 1866 - 1868
Meyer, Nicholas (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiches) [London & Paris] Victorian
Miner, Rosemary (GRACE WICKHAM Series) [Adirondacks, NY USA] 1870s
Miller, Thos. Kent (SHERLOCK HOLMES/ALLAN QUATERMAIN Series) [Tibet & Ethiopia] 1872-1890s
Millett, Larry (SHERLOCK HOLMES/SHADWELL RAFFERTY Series) [USA] 1894-1900
Mitchell, Kirk Shadow on the Valley [USA] Civil War 1864
Monfredo, Miriam Grace (SENECA FALLS Mysteries) [USA] 1857-1862
(CAIN Series) [USA] Civil War
Moquist, Richard (SADIE GREENSTREET Mysteries ) [USA] 1870s
Morris, Gilbert (LADY TRENT Mysteries) [England] Victorian
Morris, R. N. (PORFIRY PETROVICH Series) [Russia] late 1860s-1870s
Mrazek, Robert J. Unholy Fire: A Novel of the Civil War [Washington DC] 1861-2 Civil War
Myers, Amy (AUGUSTE DIDIER Series) [England] 1890s-1905
Nam, Charles B. The Golden Door [NYC, NY USA] 1893
Newman, Sharan The Shanghai Tunnel [Portland OR] 1868
Newman, Steve (SWANN AND PARKER Mysteries) [Stratford, England] 1882
Norbu, Jamyang (SHERLOCK HOLMES MISSING YEARS Series) [India and Tibet] 1891
O'Neill, Anthony The Lamplighter [Edinburgh, Scotland] Late Victorian
Oldfield, Pamela Jack's Shadow [England] Victorian
Paige, Robin aka Bill & Susan Albert (DEATH AT Victorian Mysteries) [England] 1890s
Palliser, Charles The Unburied [Oxford, England] 1882
Palmer, William J. (CHARLES DICKENS & WILKIE COLLINS Series) [England] Victorian
Parker, Ann (INEZ STANNERT Series) [USA] Colorado Silver Fever period 1879-1880s
Parry, Owen (ABEL JONES Series) [USA] Civil War
Paul, Paula (DR. ALEXANDRA GLADSTONE Series) [USA] Victorian
Paul, Raymond (LON QUINCANNON Series) [USA] 1835-1850s
Peacock, Caro (LIBERTY LANE Series) [England and France] 1830s
Peale, Cynthia (BEACON HILL MYSTERIES) [USA] Victorian
Pearce, Michael (DMITRI Series) [Russia] 1890s
Pearl, Matthew The Dante Club [USA] 1865
The Poe Shadow [Paris, France and Baltimore USA] 1849
The Last Dickens [Boston, London, India] 1870
Pears, Iain Stone's Fall [Multiple settings in place and time]
Penney, Stef The Tenderness of Wolves [Canada] 1867
Pentecost, Hugh The Assassins [NYC, USA] 1860s
Pepper, Andrew (BOW STREET RUNNER PYKE Series) [England] Georgian
Perez-Reverte, Arturo The Fencing Master [Madrid, Spain] 1868
Perkins, Wilder (CAPTAIN HOARE Series) [England] 1805
Perry, Anne (THOMAS & CHARLOTTE PITT Series) [England] 1860s-1890s
(WILLIAM MONK & HESTER LATTERLY Series) [England] 1860s
A Christmas Journey [England] 19th C
A Christmas Visitor [England] 19th C
A Christmas Guest [England] 19th C
A Christmas Secret [England] 19th C
A Christmas Grace [England] 19th C
Peters, Elizabeth (AMELIA PEABODY Series) [EGYPT] Victorian thru early 20th C
Pietsch, T.W. (Theodore W.) The Curious Death of Peter Artedi: A Mystery in the History of Science [Sweden, England & Amsterdam] 1829-30s
Pirie, David (DR. JOSEPH BELL Mysteries) [Scotland] 1878
Poole-Carter, Rosemary What Remains [Southern USA] Post Civil War
Poore, Dawn Aldridge (MISS SYDNEY REGENCY Mysteries) [England and Egypt] Regency
Pope, Barbara Cezanne's Quarry [Aix-en-Provence, France] 1885
Post, Melville Davisson (UNCLE ABNER Stories) [West Virginia, USA] 1st decade 19thC
Pronzini, Bill (QUINCANNON & CARPENTER Mysteries) [San Francisco, CA USA] 1890s
Pykare, Nina Coombs (KATE KETTERLINK & ARCHIE BARRINGTON Mysteries) [Scotland] Regency
Quick, Amanda (LAVINIA LAKE & TOBIAS MARCH Mysteries) [England] Regency
Raybourn, Deanna (LADY JULIA GREY/NICHOLAS BRISBANE Series) [England] Victorian 1880s
Read, Patrick The Suppression of Vice [England] 1867
Redfern, Jon Trumpets Sound No More [London] 1840
Reid, Van (THE MOOSEPATH LEAGUE Series) [Portland ME USA] 1890s
Riccardi, Ted The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes [Far East] 1891-4
Riggs, Jerry B. P. The Unusual Sherlock Holmes [England] Victorian
Rizzolo, S. K. (JOHN CHASE Series) [England] 1811-1812
Robertson, Paul Dark in the City of Light [Europe] 1870
Robins, Madeleine (SARAH TOLERANCE Series) [England] Regency
Roddy, Lee (THE PINKERTON LADY Series) [USA] Post Civil War
Rogow, Roberta (DODGSON/DOYLE Series) [England] 1880s
Rose, Joel The Blackest Bird [NYC] 1841
Ross, Kate (JULIAN KESTREL Series) [England & Italy] 1820-1821
Rowe, G. S. (WILL BEAMAN BASEBALL Mysteries) [Boston MA, USA] 1897
Rowland, Laura Joh (CHARLOTTE BRONTE Series) [England & China] 1848
Rowse, Sharon (KLONDIKE Mysteries) [Western Canada] 1899-20th C
Rudolph, Penny (MATTY SUMMERHAYES Mysteries) [New Mexico Territory US] 1861
Russell, Norman (INSPECTOR JACKSON/SERGEANT BOTTOMLEY Series) [England] 1890s
(INSPECTOR BOX Series) [England] Late Victorian
Rustage, Alan (INSPECTOR BLACKSTONE) [England] Late Victorian
Ryan, Patricia (GILDED AGE Mysteries) [Boston, USA] 1860s
Sarrantonio, Al (NOVEL OF THE PLAINS Mysteries) [American West] turn of the 19th-20th C
Satterthwaite, Walter Wilde West [American West] 1882
Saylor, Steven A Twist at the End: A Novel of O. Henry (aka Honour the Dead) [Texas, USA] 1885
Schechter, Harold (EDGAR ALLAN POE Series) [USA] 1830s-40s
Schorb, E. M. Paradise Square [NYC,USA] 1840s
Selwyn, Francis (SERGEANT VERITY Series) [London, England] 1850s
Shaw, Catherine (VANESSA DUNCAN Series) [Cambridge, England] 1888
Shepherd, Lynn Murder at Mansfield Park [England] early 19thC
Sherburne, James (PADDY MORETTI Series) [USA] 1890s
Silvis, Randall (EDGAR ALLAN POE Series) [USA] mid-1800s
Sim, Alastair The Unbelievers [Edinburgh Scotland] Victorian
Simmons, Dan Drood [England] 1865-70
Slade, Nicola (CHARLOTTE RICHMOND Investigates) [England] Victorian
Smith, Martin Cruz Rose [Lancashire, England] 1872
Soos, Troy (MARSHALL WEBB Series) [NYC] 1890s
South, Sheri Cobb (JOHN PICKETT Series) [England] Regency
Stang, Virginia (OLD BALTIMORE mysteries) [Baltimore, MD USA] 1830s
Stashower, Daniel (HARRY HOUDINI mysteries) [NYC USA] 1897-98
St. James, Bernard (INSPECTOR BLANC Series) [Paris, France] early 19thC
Stier, Serena (FLORENCE TOD mysteries) [NYC, USA] 1890
Stevens, Rosemary (BEAU BRUMMELL Series) [England] Regency
Stirling, Jessica Lantern for the Dark [Scotland] Georgian era
Stockwell, Alan The Singular Adventures of Mr Sherlock Holmes [England] Victorian
Stoffel, Alex The Singular Adventures of Mr Sherlock Holmes [England] Victorian
Sturrock, Jeremy (aka Jeffries, J. G. also listed above)
(JEREMY STURROCK BOW STREET RUNNER Series) [England] Georgian-Regency
Summers, Mary E. Mr. Hunter and The Templars [Edinburgh, Scotland] Victorian
Swinton, Arthur (SERGEANT CORK Series) [England] Victorian
Symons, Julian The Blackheath Poisonings [London, England] 1890s
The Detling Murders [England] Victorian
Sweet Adelaide [London, England] 1886
Tallman, Shirley (SARAH WOOLSON Series) [San Francisco, USA] 1880s
Taylor, Andrew (YOUNG EDGAR ALLAN POE Series) [England] 1819
Taylor, D. J. Kept: A Victorian Mystery [Great Britain] 1863
Temple, Lou Jane The Spice Box [New York City] 19th C
Thomas, Donald aka Francis Selwyn (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiches) [England] Victorian
(INSPECTOR SWAIN Series) [England] Victorian
Thomas, Edwin (MARTIN JERROLD Series) [England] 1806
Thomas, Will (CYRUS BARKER Series) [London] Victorian
Thomason, Cynthia (JUBILEE SHOWBOAT Mysteries) [Mississippi River, USA] 1898
Thompson, Brian (BELLA WALLIS Series) [London] Victorian
Thompson, E. V. (AMOS HAWKE Series) [London & Cornwall] 1850s
Thompson, Victoria (GASLIGHT MYSTERY Series) [NYC, USA] Late 1800s
Thomson, June ("SECRET" SHERLOCK HOLMES Series) [London, England] Victorian
Titchener, Louise (MYSTERIOUS BALTIMORE Series) [Baltimore MD] 1882
Tombs, Kerry (INSPECTOR SAMUEL RAVENSCROFT Series) [England] 1880s
Tone, Teona (KYRA KEATON Series) [USA] 1899
Torgov, Morley (INSPECTOR HERMANN PREISS Series) [Dusseldorf, German] 1850s
Trow, M. J. (INSPECTOR JOSEPH LESTRADE Series) [England] 1890s
Tyzack, Peter (INSPECTOR EVERETT PARSONS Series) [England] 1880
Victor, Daniel D. The Seventh Bullet [USA] Victorian
Waters, Sarah Affinity [England] 1873-4
Williams, Gerard (DR. MORTIMER Series) [England] 1890s
Vanneman, Alan (SHERLOCK HOLMES PASTICHE Series) [England] Victorian
Walker, James Murder at Gettysburg [USA] 1863
Walker, Robert W. (ALASTAIR RANSOM series) [Chicago USA] 1890s
Walker, Woodrow W. Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife [London, England] Victorian
Ward, Daniel Sherlock Holmes - The Way of All Flesh [London, England] 1886
Ward, Stephen (HARRY HANSON series) [Seaham Harbor, North East, England] 1890
West, Jean M. (CIVIL WAR Mysteries) [Various battle locations] 1860s
White, Jennie The Sultan's Seal [Ottoman Istanbul, Turkey] 19th C
Wikarski, N. S. (EVANGELINE LECLAIR Series) [Chicago, IL USA] 1890s
Zencey, Eric Panama [Paris, France] 1892
Zeller, Bob and Beshears, John Jacob's Run [Wilmington, NC] 1860
Zellnik, M. J. (LIBBY SEALE Series) [Portland, OR USA] 1890s


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