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Crime Thru Time -- Series Time Line Page 3

[This Means War Timeline]

B.C.E Ancient Early Medieval 11C 12C 13C 14C 15C 16C 17C 18C 19C 20C Multi-Era
20th Century
1901–1910 Reign of Edward VII [Edwardian England]
1914–1919 World War I
1929–1938 The Great Depression
1939–1945 World War II
1950 Beginning of the Cold War
Abbott, Megan Die a Little [Hollywood, USA] 1950s
The Song Is You [Hollywood, USA] 1951
Queenpin [Las Vegas, USA] mid 20th C
Bury Me Deep [Midwestern USA] 1930s
Adair, Gilbert (EVADNE MOUNT Trilogy) [England] 1930s-40s
Adam, Paul Unholy Trinty [Rome] 1944/1945
Adams, Harold (CARL WILCOX Series) [USA] 1930s
Airth, Rennie (INSPECTOR JOHN MADDEN Mysteries) [England] 1919-1944
Albert, Susan Wittig (BEATRIX POTTER Series) [Lake District England] 1st decades 20th century
(DARLING DAHLIAS Series) [Alabama, US] 1930s
Allen, Conrad (DILLMAN-MASEFIELD Series) [England/Sea] 1907-1908
Allen, Tricia (DAVID WEATHER Series) [USA] 1947
Amis, Kingsley The Riverside Villas Murder [Britain] Post WW II
Anderson, James (THE ALDERLEY Mysteries) [England] 1930s
Arruda, Suzanne (JADE DEL CAMERON Adventures) [Africa] 1919-1920s
Atkins, Ace Devil's Garden [San Francisco, CA] 1921
White Shadow [Tampa, FL USA] 1955
Wicked City [Phenix City, Alabama USA] 1955
Infamous [Southern USA] 1933
Atkinson, Michael (ERNEST HEMINGWAY Series) [USA] 1956
Barnard, Robert aka Bernard Barnstable The Skeleton in the Grass [England] 1936
Baron, Aileen (LILY SAMPSON Series) [Middle East] 1930s-1940s
Barone, Joe (ROY ROGERS Mysteries) [Missouri, USA] 1950s
Bartoy, Mitchell (DET. PETE CAUDILL Series) [Detroit, MI USA] 1940s
Baxt, George (HOLLYWOOD Mysteries) [USA] 1930s to 1950s
Baxter, Holly (BROWNE FAMILY Mysteries) [Chicago, USA] Depression Era 1930s
Beck, K.K. (IRIS COOPER Series) [USA] 1920s
Young Mrs. Cavendish and the Kaiser's Men [San Francisco, USA] 1916
Bell, James Scott (KIT SHANNON Series) [USA] 1903-1907
Benn, James R. (BILLY BOYLE WW II Mysteries) [various] 1940s
Bennett, R.K. The Journey of Shine Rivers [Charleston, South Carolina] 1962
Bennett, Ronan Zugzwang [St Petersburg, Russia] 1914
Benz, David The Flip Side of Forever [OR & TX, USA] 1961
Bergman, Andrew (JAKE LEVINE Series) [Hollywood & NYC, USA] 1940s
Bernhardt, William Nemesis: The Final Case of Eliot Ness [Cleveland OH] 1930s
Black, Benjamin (GARRET QUIRKE Series) [Dublin, Ireland] 1950s
Blank, Hannah I. (ALPHONSE DANTON Series) [Paris] post WW II
Block, Brett Ellen The Lightning Rule [Neward, NJ USA] 1967
Bludis, Jack (BRIAN KANE Series) [Hollywood] 1950s
(RICK PAGE Series) [Hollywood] 1947
Bondurant, Matt The Wettest County in the World [Franklin County, Virginia] 1930s
Bourland, Fabrice (SIMPSON AND TRELAWNEY Series) [London] 1930s
Bowen, Rhys (MOLLY MURPHY Series) [New York City] 1st decade 1900s
(LADY GEORGIANA RANNOCH Series) [London] 1930s
Boyd, William Restless [Paris, France & England] 1939 & 1976
Boyne, John Crippen: A Novel of Murder [England and the Atlantic] 1910
Next of Kin [England] 1936
Bradby, Tom Blood Money [NYC] 1929
The God of Chaos [Cairo] 1942
The Master of Rain [Shanghai] 1926
The White Russian [St. Petersburg] 1917
Bradley, Alan (THE BUCKSHAW Chronicles) [England] 1950s
Bradshaw, Mel Quarrel With The Foe [Toronto, Canada] Roaring 20s
Brett, Simon (BLOTTO & TWINKS Series) [England] Between the wars
Broadbent, Tony (JETHRO Series) [London, England] Post WW II late 1940s
Brody, Frances (KATE SHACKLETON Series) [Yorkshire, England] 1920s
Browne, Marshall The Eye of the Abyss [Germany] 1938
Burges, Dennis (CHARLES BAKER Series) [England] 1922
Burton, Milton The Rogues' Game [Texas USA] post WW II
The Sweet and the Dead [Biloxi, Miss USA] 1970
Cameron, Kenneth (GENERAL DENTON Series) [London & Europe] 1st decade 1900s
Cantrell, Rebecca (HANNAH VOGEL Series) [Germany] 1930s
Carr, John Dickson The Witch of the Low-Tide [England] 1907
The Ghosts' High Noon [New Orleans USA] 1912
Deadley Hall [New Orleans USA] 1927
Carter, Charlotte (COOK COUNTY Mysteries) [Chicago Illinois] 1968
Casey, Donis (ALAFAIR TUCKER Series) [Oklahoma frontier USA] 1912-14
Cercone, Karen (MILO KACHIGAN & HELEN SORBY Series) [USA] 1905
Chabon, Michael The Final Solution [England] WW II
Challis, Joanna (DAPHNE DU MAURIER series) [England] 1930s
Chesney, Marion aka M. C. Beaton (CAPT. HARRY CARTWRIGHT Series) [England] Edwardian
Churchill, Jill (GRACE & FAVOR Series) [USA] 1930s
Clarke, Anna Last Voyage [England] 1939
Clarke, Robert Mr. White's Confession [St Paul, Minn] 1939
Clarke, T.E.B. Murder at Buckingham Palace [England] 1935
Claudel, Philippe Grey Souls [France] 1917
Brodeck's Report [France] Post WW II
Cleverly, Barbara (JOE SANDILANDS Series) [India, France & London] 1920s
(LAETITIA 'LETTY' TALBOT Series) [India, France & London] 1920s
Cobb, James H. West on 66 [USA] 1957-1959
Coffey, Tom Blood Alley [NYC USA] 1940s
Colbert, Curt (JAKE ROSSITER & MISS JENKINS Series) [USA] 1940s Post-WW II
Collins, Barbara & Max Allan Bombshell [Beverly Hills, USA] 1959
Collins, Max Allan (COMICS Series) [Manhattan NYC USA] 1948-1950s
(THE DISASTER Series) [USA] 1912-1941
(NATE HELLER Series) [USA] 1930s-1940s
(ELLIOT NESS Series) [Cleveland USA] 1930s
Collins, Randall The Case of the Philosophers' Ring [London & Oxford] 1913
Connolly, Joseph Public Safety: A Novel of 1941 [California, USA] 1941
Cook, Alan (GARY BLANCHARD mysteries) [USA] 1954-1964
Run into Trouble [California USA] 1969
Cook, Thomas Master of the Delta [Mississippi, USA] 1954
Cooke, John Peyton Torsos [Cleveland Ohio, USA] 1935
Cotterill, Colin (DR. SIRI PAIBOUN Series) [Laos] 1970s
Crabbe, Richard (MIKE BRADDOCK Series) [NYC USA] 1904
Crider, Bill (HUMPHREY BOGART Series) [Hollywood, CA USA] 1946-7
Crossland, R. L. Jade Rooster [Japan] 1913
Culhane, Patrick Black Hats: A Novel of Wyatt Earp and Al Capone [USA] 1920
Red Sky in Morning [USA] 1920
Cullin, Mitch A Slight Trick of the Mind [Sussex, England] 1947
Curran, Thomas Rendell (INSPECTOR ERIC SLADE Series) [Newfoundland, Canada] 1937
Curzon, Clare Guilty Knowledge [England] 1908
Daeninckx, Didier A Very Profitable War [France] 1920
Dallas, Sandra New Mercies [Mississippi USA] 1933
Dams, Jeanne M. (HILDA JOHANSSON Mysteries) [USA] 1900-1904
Davies, David Stuart (JOHNNY ONE EYE Series) [London, England] 1940s during the Blitz
Davis, J. Madison The Murder of Frau Schutz [Byelorussia concentration camp] 1944
The Vertigo Murders [LA, California USA] 1957
Day, Dianne (FREMONT JONES Series) [USA] 1905-1909
de Kretzer, Michelle The Hamilton Case [Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)] 1948
De Noux, O'Neil (NEW ORLEANS CONFIDENTIAL short stories) [New Orleans, USA] 1940s
(GUILTY OF DUST AND SIN amazon short) [New Orleans, USA] 1940s
de Recacoechea, Juan Andean Express [On a train from Bolivia to Chile] 1952
Devoe Jr, Forrest (MALLORY & MORSE Novels of Espionage) [Various] 1960s
Diehl, William Eureka [USA] 1940s
Downing, David (JOHN RUSSELL Series) [Berlin, Germany] Pre and during WW II 1939-41
Downing, Sybil The Binding Oath [Colorado, USA] 1922
Doyle, Peter (BILLY GLASHEEN) [Sydney, Australia] Post WWII 1945-50s
Duchin, Peter & Wilson, John Morgan (PHILIP DAMON Series) [USA] 1963
Duncan, Alice (DAISY GUMM MAJESTY Series) [California] 1920s
(MERCY ALLCUTT Series) [LA & Hollywood, USA] 1926
Duncan II, Robert Lee The Dreadful Murder of Ian O'Neil [Chicago IL] 1917
Dunn, Carola (DAISY DALRYMPLE Series) [England] 1920s
Dunning, John Two O'Clock, Eastern Wartime [USA] 1942
Eastland, Sam (INSPECTOR PEKKALA Series) [Soviet Russia] 1929
Eccles, Marjorie The Shape of Sand [England] 1946 & 1910
Shadows and Lies [England & South Africa] 1910 & late 19th C
Eddenden, A. E. (TRAFFIC INSPECTOR ALBERT V. TRETHEWAY Series) [Canada] 1939-1940s
Edwards, Martin Dancing For The Hangman [US, Canada, London & shipbboard] 1910
Elliot, Lance (DR LANCE ELLIOT Series) [England] 1975
Ellroy, James (L A Quartet) [Los Angeles, CA] 1940s-50s
Elton, Ben The First Casualty [Flanders] 1917
Engel, Howard Murder in Montparnasse [Paris] 1925
Epperson, Tom The Kind One [Los Angeles CA] 1930s
Estleman, Loren D. (CHICAGO Series) [Chicago, USA] various 20th C settings
Faherty, Terence (SCOTT ELLIOTT Series) [Hollywood] 1947-1962
Fate, Robert (BABY SHARK Series) [Texas USA] 1950s
Ferris, Gordon (DANNY MCRAE Series) [London] Postwar, 1948
Flacco, Anthony (RANDALL BLACKBURN Series) [San Francisco, CA USA] 1906-1915
Fleming, Charles (DEACON/PETER SLOAN Series) [Las Vegas & Cuba] 1950s
Fleming, Irene (EMILY WEISS Series) [Various US locations] 1909-13
Ford, Jeffrey The Girl in the Glass [Long Island, NY] 1932
Franklin, Ariana City of Shadows [Berlin, Germany] 1922
Frei, Pierre Berlin [Berlin, Germany] 1945
Fulmer, David (VALENTIN ST. CYR Series) [USA] 1907-1913
Furst, Alan Various Non-Series espionage and intrigue thrillers [Various locations] 1930s-1940s
Gabbay, Tom (Jack Teller thrillers) [Various locations] various dates
Gaiter, Leonce Bourbon Street [New Orleans] 1958
Gangemi, Joseph Inamorata [Philadelphia PA] Roaring 20s
Gardner, John (SUZIE MONTFORD Series) [London] WW II
Garney, Nora Peripheral Lies [Southern USA] 1949
Gautreaux, Tim The Missing [Mississippi River USA] Post WWI
Gayden, Kip Miscarriage of Justice [Southern USA] 1913
Gerson, Jack (INSPECTOR LOHMANN Series) [Germany and Britain] 1934-1939
Gilbert, Michael (LUKE PAGAN Series) [Britain] Pre-WWI and early years war
Glatzer, Hal (KATY GREEN Series) [USA] 1940
Glenn, Andrew Berlin Rhapsody [Berlin, Germany] 1963
Goddard, Robert Take No Farewell [England] 1923
Closed Circle [At Sea] 1931
Gold, Glen David Carter Beats the Devil [USA] 1920s
Goldsborough, Robert (SNAP MALEK Series) [Chicago, IL USA] Pre-WW II
Gordon-Smith, Dolores (JACK HALDEAN Series) [England] 1920s
Gores, Joe Hammett [San Francisco CA USA] 1928
Spade & Archer: The Prequel to Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon [San Francisco CA USA] 1921-28
Gorman, Edward (THE SAM McCAIN Mysteries) [USA] late 1950s-1960s
Gott, Robert (WILLIAM POWER Mysteries) [Australia] 1942
Goulart, Ron (GROUCHO MARX Mysteries) [USA] 1930s
Gran, Sara Dope [Hell's Kitchen, NYC] 1950
Granger, Pip (ROSA FEATHERBY Mysteries) [London] 1953-4
Greenwood, Kerry (PHRYNE FISHER Series) [Australia] 1920s
Gulik, Stanley J. Mask of Revenge [Germany] 1965
Grey, Patricia (INSP. JACK STAMFORD & SGT. SARAH McNEIL Series) [England] 1940
Hagan, Patricia Cry Me A River [Alabama, USA] 1960s
Haines, Carolyn Penumbra [Mississippi, USA] 1950s
Fever Moon [New Iberia Parish, Louisianna, USA] 1940s at the close of WWII
Haines, Kathryn Miller (ROSIE WINTER Series) [NYC, USA] WW II 1940s
Hall, Robert Lee Exit Sherlock Holmes [England] 1903
The King Edward Plot [England] Edwardian
Murder at San Simeon [San Simeon, California] 1934
Hamilton, Denise The Last Embrace [Los Angeles CA] 1949
Hampson, June (DAISY LANE series) [England] 1960s
Hancock, Wayne 30 Days in May: A Murder Mystery [St Louis, MO] 1904
Harris, Fred (OKIE DUNN series) [Oklahoma, USA] 1930s
Harris, Robert Enigma [England] 1943
Hart, Carolyn Escape from Paris [Paris] 1940s
Letter from Home [Oklahoma] 1944
Hawkes, Ellen & Manso, Peter The Shadow of the Moth [England] 1917
Hays, Tony Murder in the Latin Quarter [Paris] Post WW I
Heath, Rachel The Finest Type of English Womanhood [South Africa, England, Shipboard] 1947
Heffernan, William Beulah Hill [Vermont] 1930s
Highland, Frederick (INSPECTOR NIKOLAI FAROUN Series) [Damascus, Syria] 1930s
Hill, Suzette A. (REV FRANCIS OUGHTERARD Series) [Surrey, England] 1957/td>
Hills, Kathleen (CONSTABLE JOHN MCINTIRE Series) [Michigan, USA] 1950s
Hjortsberg, William Falling Angel [NYC] 1950s
Nevermore [NYC] 1920s
Hoch, Edward (DR. SAM HAWTHORNE Stories) [USA] 1920s-1940s
Hodgson, Ken Season of the Burning Souls [New Mexico, USA] 1943
Holden, Craig The Jazz Bird [USA] 1927
Holm, Tom The Osage Rose [Tulsa, Oklahoma] Post WW I
Holmes, Rupert Swing: A Mystery [San Francisco, USA] 1940
Where the Truth Lies [Hollywood, USA] 1970s
Hoover, Terry (STEVE HARLAN Mysteries) [Charlott, North Carolina] 1960s
Hopkins, Ronald (JOHNNY DARK Mysteries) [New England, USA] 1945
Horwitz, David R. (BEN CAREY Mysteries) [Washington DC] 1957
Ifkovic, Edward Lone Star [Hollywood, CA] 1955
Irby, Lee (FRANK HEARN Stories) [Florida USA] 1920s
Ison, Graham (D.I. ERNEST HARDCASTLE Series) [London] WW I
Jackson, Marian J. A (MISS DANFORTH Series) [USA] turn of 20th C
Jakeman, Jane (CLAUDE MONET Series) [London, England & Venice, Italy] 1900
Jamieson, Kerry (Non-Series Historical thrillers) [USA] 1920s-30s
Janes, J. Robert (JEAN-LOUIS ST. CYR & HERMAN KOHLER Series) [Occupied France] 1940s
Jefferson, M. T. (HOMEFRONT Mysteries) [USA] 1942-3
John, Cathie (LITTLE MEXICO Mysteries) [USA] 1943
Jones, J. D. F. The Buchan Papers [South Africa] 1903
Jones, Steven Philip King of Harlem [Harlem, NYC USA] 1936
Jordan, Debbie Lion's Pride [Arizona Territory] 1911
Joyce, Brenda (FRANCESCA CAHILL Mysteries) [NYC, USA] turn of the 20th C
Kaminsky, Stuart (TOBY PETERS Mysteries) [USA] 1940s
Kanon, Joseph Various Non-Series thrillers [Various locations] WW II & post-war
Karp, Larry (THE RAGTIME KID series) [Mississipi, US] 1898-1951
Kaska, Kathleen (SYDNEY LOCKHART series) [Various US locations] 1950s
Katzenbach, John Hart's War [Germany, POW camp] WW II 1944
Keating, H. R. F. The Murder of the Maharajah [Bhopore, India] 1930
Kendrick, Stephen Night Watch [London] 1902
Kent, Rebecca (aka Kate Kingsbury) (BELLEHAVEN HOUSE Mysteries) [Cotswolds, England] 1905
Kerr, Philip (BERLIN NOIR Mysteries) [Germany & Cuba] 1934-1950s
Kilian, Michael (JAZZ AGE Mysteries) [USA] 1920s
King, Laurie (MARY RUSSELL/SHERLOCK HOLMES Series) [England, India & Middle East] 1914-1920s
Touchstone [Cornwall, England] late 1920s
Kingsbury, Kate (PENNYFOOT HOTEL Series) [England] 1906-1910
(MANOR HOUSE Mysteries) [England] WW II
Klein, Daniel (ELVIS PRESLEY Series) [USA] early 1960s
Kneubuhl, Victoria Nalani Murder Casts a Shadow [Hawaii] 1934
Knight, Bernard (RICHARD PRYOR & ANGELA BRAY Series) [Wye Valley, England] 1950s
Koch, Eric The Man Who Knew Charlie Chaplin [Germany/USA] 1929
Koontz, I. Michael (JOHN APPARITE stories) [London & USA] 1950s
Krajewski, Marek (HERR KRIMINALDIREKTOR EBERHARD MOCK stories) [Breslau / Wroclaw Poland] 1919-1960
Kuhlken, Ken (THE HICKEY FAMILY Mysteries) [Various USA/Mexico locations] 1926-1979
Kurland, Michael (ALEXANDER BRASS Series) [Manhattan NYC, NY USA] 1935
Lamanda, Al Dunston Falls [Maine, USA] 1959
Landay, William The Strangler [Boston MA, USA] 1963
Langley-Hawthorne, Clare (URSULA MARLOW Series) [England] Edwardian, 1910
Lansdale, Joe R. A Fine Dark Line [Texas, USA] 1958
The Bottoms [East Texas, 1933]
Larsen, Gaylord Dorothy and Agatha [England] 1937
Latour, Jose Havana World Series [Cuba] 1958
Lawton, John (FREDERICK TROY Series) [England] 1941-1963
Sweet Sunday [NYC] 1969
Leonard, Elmore (THE WEBSTER SAGA) [Oklahoma, USA] 1930s-1940s
Lescroart, John (AUGUSTE LUPA Series) [Europe - various] 1915
Leshin, Steven M. Vengeance of the Ripper [Los Angeles CA] 1908
Levine, Allan (SAM KLEIN Series) [Winnipeg Canada] 1911-1919
Liesche, Margit (PUCCI LEWIS Series) [Michigan & Hollywood USA] 1940s WW II
Linscott, Gillian (NELL BRAY Series) [England] 1900-1918
Lochte, Dick (HARRY TRAUBLE Series) [Los Angeles, CA] 1965
Lovesey, Peter The False Inspector Dew [Shipboard] 1921
Keystone: Murder Mystery at the Keystone Film Company [Hollywood] 1916
Lovisi, Gary (SHERLOCK HOLMES Pastiche) [Switzerland and USA] late 19th C - early 20th C
Lucarelli, Carlo (DE LUCA Trilogy) [Italy] 1945-6
Luck, John Diamonds of Death [Chicago, IL] 1950s
Ludwig, Jerry Getting Garbo: A Novel Of Hollywood And Murder [Hollywood] 1950s
Macintyre, Rebbie Cast the First Stone [Colorado] 1932
Mackay, Scott (DR. CLYDE DEACON Series) [Fairfield, NY] 1901
Madden, Mary Anne (CASS COSTELLO Series) [Iowa, USA] 1972
Magnan, Pierre (SERAPHIN MONGE Stories) [Provence, France] 1920
Malmont, Paul The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril [USA] 1937
Marr, Chris The Lady of the Manor [Hampshire, England] 1903
Margolin, Leslie Adultress [London] 1922
Martin, Andrew (JIM STRINGER Mysteries) [Various UK locations] 1903-1914
Martin, Rosemary (MURDER A-GO-GO Mysteries) [NYC, USA] 1964
Matetsky, Amanda (PAIGE TURNER Series) [USA] 1950s
Matthews, Greg (KEITH MOODY Series) [Hollywood, USA] 1940s
Maywar, James P (BLUE WATER Trilogy) [Port Huron, Michigan] 1913-1926
McCarver, Sam (JOHN DARNELL Series) [USA & Europe] mid 1900s
McClendon, Lise (DORIE LENNOX Series) [USA] WW II swing era
McCullough, Colleen (CARMINE DELMONICO Series) [CT, USA] 1960s
McDonald, Craig/a> Print the Legend [Idaho] 1965
McGregor, Rafe The Architect of Murder [London] 1902
McPherson, Catriona (DANDY GILVER Mysteries) [Perthshire, Scotland] Post WWI 1920s
Meade, Amy Patricia (MARJORIE MCCLELLAND Series) [CT, USA] 1930s
Mesce Jr., Bill (MAJOR HARRY VOSS Series) [Great Britain] 1943
Meyers, Annette (OLIVIA BROWN Series) [USA] Roaring 20s
Repentances [NYC, USA] 1936
Michaelides, Tefcros Pythagorean Crimes [Athens and Paris] 1900-1929
Miles, Keith (MERLIN RICHARDS Series) [USA] 1930s
Mills, Mark Amagansett [Long Island USA] 1947
The Savage Garden [Tuscany] 1958
The Information Officer [Malta] 1942
Mills, Sara (ALLIE FORTUNE series) [NYC] 1947
Monroe, Steve (CHICAGO Mysteries) [Chicago, USA] various 20th Century periods
Monahan, Brent (SHERIFF JOHN LE BRUN Series) [USA] 1886 through WW II
Mondl, Michael J. (TIMOTHY JARRETT PI Series) [USA] 1951
Moore, Miriam Ann (MARTI HIRSCH Disco Series) [USA] 1978-82
Morrissey, J. P. A Weekend at Blenheim [England] 1905
Mosley, Walter (EASY RAWLINS Series) [USA] 1948-1967
(FEARLESS JONES Series) [USA] 1950s
Moules, Joan Script for Murder [England] 1955
Mrazek, Robert J. The Deadly Embrace: A Novel of World War II [London] WW II during the Blitz
Muller, Eddie (BILLY NICHOLS) [San Francisco, USA] post-WW II
Murray, Barbara Gifts and Bones [St John's, Newfoundland, Canada] 1902
Nadel, Barbara (FRANCIS HANCOCK Series) [London, England] WW II
Nelscott, Kris (SMOKEY DALTON Series) [USA] 1968-69
Nolan, William F. (BLACK MASK Series) [USA] 1930s
Nunn, Malla (DETECTIVE EMMANUEL COOPER Series) [South Africa] 1950s
Oatley, Keith The Case of Emily V [Vienna, Austria] 1904
Owen, Charlie (HANDSTEAD Stories) [Manchester, England] 1970s
Paul, Barbara (THE OPERA MYSTERIES) [NYC] 1910-20
Pawel, Rebecca (CARLOS TEJADA ALONSO Y LEON Series) [Madrid, Spain] 1939
Peace, David RED RIDING QUARTET [Yorkhire, England] 1974-83
THE TOKYO TRILOGY [Tokyo, Japan] 1940s
Pearce, Michael (MAMUR ZAPT Series) [Egypt] 1908-WW I
(SEYMOUR Series) [Europe] early 1900s
Perry, Anne (WW I quintet) [England] 1914-1918
Pelagatti, Gus Wicked Wives [Philadelphia, PA] 1938
Peters, Elizabeth (AMELIA PEABODY Series) [EGYPT] Victorian thru early 20th C
Peters, Glen Mrs D’Silva’s Detective Instincts and the Shaitan of Calcutta [India] 1960
Peterson, Jerry Early's Fall [Kansas, USA] 1949
Pines, Paul A. The Tin Angel [NYC, Lower East Side] 1970s
Pintoff, Stefanie (DETECTIVE SIMON ZIELE & CRIMINOLOGIST ALISTAIR SINCLAIR series) [NYC & Westchester] 1905-6
Powell, Deborah (HOLLIS CARPENTER Series) [Houston, USA] 1936
Quinn, Peter Hour of the Cat [NYC, USA] 1938
Rabb, Jonathan (DETECTIVE INSPECTOR NIKOLAI HOFFNER Series) [Berlin, Germany] Post WW I
Randall, Brant (ICHABOD LAWE Investigations) [New England and Hollywood] 1929-1932
Randisi, Robert J. (RAT PACK Mysteries) [Las Vegas, USA] 1960s
Reaves, Sam Chicago 69 [Chicago, ILL] 1969
Rehner, Jan On Pain of Death [Occupied France] WW II
Reich, Christopher The Runner [Germany] 1945 Post WW II
Rhea, Nicholas (CONSTABLE Series) [North Yorkshire] 1960s
Reynolds, Sean (CHAN PARKER & HENRIETTA WILD CHERRY Series) [Chicago, IL] 1965
Richards, Kel (G. K. CHESTERTON Mysteries) [Egypt] early 1900s
Richards, Linda L. (KITTY PANGBORN Series) [Los Angeles, CA] 1930s
Robbins, David L. (PROFESSOR MIKHAL LAMMECK Series) [Var locations] Mid 20th C
Roberts, Barrie (SHERLOCK HOLMES Series) [England] Edwardian
Roberts, David (LORD EDWARD CORINTH Series) [England] 1930s
Roberts, Lora (SHERLOCK HOLMES Series) [England] 1903
Roosevelt, Elliott (BLACK JACK ENDICOTT Mysteries) [USA] 1930s
(ELEANOR ROOSEVELT Mysteries) [USA] 1930s-1940s
Rowden, Jean (CONSTABLE 'THORNY' DEEPBRIAR Mysteries) [Rural England] 1950s
Rubenfeld, Jed (DR. STRATHAM YOUNGER Series) [NYC USA & Europe] 1909-1920
Russell, Craig (LENNOX Series) [Glasgow Scotland] 1953
Russell, Ona (SARAH KAUFMAN Series) [Ohio & Tenn] 1923-1925
Russell, Sheldon (HOOK RUNYON series) [Ohio & Tenn] 1923-1925
Ryan, Robert Signal Red [England] 1963
Ryan, William (CAPTAIN ALEXEI DIMITREVICH KOROLEV Series) [Stalinist Russia] 1930s
Salviani, Adam (JOHN RAIDER Series) [New York City] 1920s
Sanderson, Mark (SNOW HILL Trilogy) [London] 1930s
Sansom, C. J. (HARRY BRETT Series) [Madrid, Spain] 1940
Satterthwaite, Walter (PHIL BEAUMONT Series) [Various European locations] 1921-23
Miss Lizzie [Massachusetts, USA] 1921
Dead Horse [New Mexico, USA] 1930s
Schenkel, Andrea Maria The Murder Farm [Baviaria, Germany] 1950s
Ice Cold [Munich, Germany] 1930s
Scoppettone, Sandra (FAYE QUICK Series) [NYC, NY USA] 1943
Scott, A.D. A Small Death in the Great Glen [Scotland] 1950s
Shah, Diane K (PARIS CHANDLER Series) [Hollywood, USA] 1947
Sheldon, Jean The Woman in the Wing [Chicago, IL] 1944 WWII
Shelton, Wellsley Fitzroy (WILLIE BO ABRAHAM Stories) [South Carolina, US] 1929
Sherwood, John A Shot in the Arm: Death at the BBC [London, UK] 1930s
Shields, Jody The Fig Eater [Vienna, Austria] 1910
Silva, Daniel The Unlikely Spy [London, England] 1944
Simmons, Dan The Crook Factory [Cuba] 1942
Skinner, Robert (WESLEY FARRELL Series) [USA] middle 1930s
Sloniger, Jerry Flying Capone's Booze: 1924 [Chicago, USA] 1924
Smith, Sarah (ALEXANDER VON REISDEN Series) [Paris & Switzerland] early 1900s
Smith, Tom Rob (LEO DEMIDOV series) [Soviet Union] 1950s - Stalinist era
Smolens, John The Anarchist [Upstate NY] 1901
Snelgrove, Sherry L. Another Man's Treasure [Europe] WW II 1940s
Sole, Linda (SARAH BEAUFORT Series) [England, France, US] 1920s
Soos, Troy (MICKEY RAWLINGS Series) [Various USA baseball towns] 1912-1918
Spencer, Sally (DCI CHARLIE WOODEND Series) [England] 1960s
Stafford, Nick Armistice [London] 1919
Stamos, Ann (ELLIS ISLAND Mysteries) [NYC] 1901
Stanley, Kelli (MIRANDA CORBIE Series) [San Francisco] 1940s
Stashower, Daniel The Adventure of the Ectoplasmic Man [London] 1910
Steinhauer, Olen (COLD WAR Series) [Unnamed Iron Curtain country] Cold War era
Stoner, S.L. (SAGE ADAIR Series) [Pacific Northwest US] 1st decade 20th C
Straley, John The Big Both Ways [Alaska & Seattle] 1935
Strunk, Frank C. (BERKLEY JORDON Series) [Kentucky, USA] 1933-34
Stubbs, Jean (INSPECTOR LINSCOTT Series) [San Francisco, USA] Edwardian
Swanson, Peter Joseph (TINSELTOWN Trilogy) [Hollywood, CA USA] 1939-1953
Tallis, Frank (THE LIEBERMANN PAPERS) [Vienna, Austria] 1902-1914
Taylor, Andrew (LYDMOUTH Series) [Britain] Post WWII
Bleeding Heart Square [London. England] 1934
Taylor, D. J. Chime of a City Clock [London & Sussex, England] 1931
Tecklenburg, R. L. Chasing Pancho Villa [Mexico & New Mexico] 1917
Thomas, Leslie Omerod's Landing [England & France] WW II
Thornton, Francis John (DR. IAN BLAKELEY Series) [Philadelphia PA USA] Turn of the century
Todd, Charles (INSPECTOR IAN RUTLEDGE Series) [Britain] 1919-1920s
The Murder Stone [Exe Valley, England] 1916
(BESS CRAWFORD Series) [Britain] 1916
Turk, Howard (JAKE GREENBERG Series) [Russia and China] 1919-1937
Unsworth, Cathi Bad Penny Blues [London] 1960s
Upson, Nicola (JOSEPHINE TEY Series) [Scotland and London] 1930s
Vachss, Andrew Two Trains Running: A Novel [USA] 1959
Vale-Allen, Charlotte Mood Indigo [NYC USA] 1934
Van Laningham, I. (SPEC. ANDI HOLMES Stories) [Vietnam and US] 1970s
Vyleta, Dan Pavel & I [Berlin, Germany] 1946
Walker, James Murder at Pearl Harbor [USA] 1941
Murder on the Titanic [aboard the Titanic] 1912
October Dawn [USA] 1962
Voices from the Titanic [USA] 1912
Walker, Persia Harlem Redux [Harlem, NYC USA] 1926
(LANIE PRICE Series) [Harlem, NYC USA] 1926
Walker, Woodrow W. (BUCK AMES Mysteries) [Hollywood, USA] 1940s
Wall, Carolyn D. Sweeping Up Glass [Rural Kentucky] 1930s
Washburn, L.J. (LUCAS HALLAM Mysteries) [Hollywood, CA] 1920s
Westbrook, Kate (THE MONEYPENNY DIARIES) [England] 1960s
Wheeler, Thomas The Arcanum [NYC, USA] 1919
Wildwood, Sharon (ELIZABETH PEPPERHAWK/AVIVAH ROSEN Series) [Fort Bragg, NC] 1971
Williamson, Penn (DAMON ROURKE Series) [New Orleans USA] 1927
Wilson, Elizabeth The Twilight Hour [London, England] 1947
War Damage [London, England] 1949
Wilson, Laura (TED STRATTON series) [London, England] WWII and its aftermath
Wimberley, Darryl Kaleidoscope [Cincinnati OH] 1929
Winslow, Don Isle of Joy [NYC] 1958
Winspear, Jacqeuline (MAISIE DOBBS Series) [England] 1929-31
Wood, Graham (SUPERINTENDENT LAURIANT Mysteries) [France] 1960s
Woods, James Garcia (INSPECTOR PACO RUIZ Mysteries) [Spain] 1936
Woods, Stuart (RICK BARRON Series) [Hollywood USA] 1939-1940s
Woodworth, Deborah (SHAKER Mysteries) [USA] 1930s
Wright, Edward (JOHN RAY HORN series) [USA] Post WW II
York, Sheila (LAUREN ATWILL series) [Hollywood and NYC] 1940s
Multi-Era Anthologies
Ashley, Mike
The Mammoth Book Of Historical Whodunnits
The Mammoth Book Of Historical Detectives
The Mammoth Book Of Classical Whodunnits
The Mammoth Book Of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures
The Mammoth Book Of Shakespearean Whodunnits
The Mammoth Book Of Shakespearean Detectives
The Mammoth Book Of Royal Whodunnits
The Mammoth Book Of More Historical Whodunnits
The Mammoth Book Of Egyptian Whodunnits
The Mammoth Book Of Ancient Roman Whodunnits
The Mammoth Book Of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits
The Mammoth Book Of Historical Whodunnits: vol. 3 (US Edition: The Mammoth Book Of New Historical Whodunnits)
The Mammoth Book Of Jacobean Whodunnits
Of Dickensian Whodunnits
Carl, Lillian Stewart
The Muse and Other Stories of History, Mystery and Myth
Crime Through Time
Crime Through Time
Crime Through Time II
Cat Crimes Through Time
Crime Through Time III
Davies, David Stuart
Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot
Douglas, Carole Nelson
White House Pet Detectives
Greenberg, Martin, et al.
Murder Most Medieval: Noble Tales of Ignoble Demises
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Murder in Baker Street
Murder, My Dear Watson
Murder Most Confederate
Mr. President, Private Eye
The Ghosts Of Baker Street
Sherlock Holmes in America
Hutchings, Janet
Once Upon a Crime
Once Upon a Crime II
Jakubowski, Maxim
Past Poisons: An Ellis Peters Memorial Anthology of Historical Crime
Murder Through the Ages
Chronicles of Crime: The Second Ellis Peters Memorial Anthology of Historical Crime
Lovesey, Peter
Murder on the Short List
Marston, Edward
Murder, Ancient and Modern
Mathieson, Theodore
The Great Detectives
One of first collections of historical mystery stories, all by Mathieson, featuring real life historical
figures: Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Omar Khayyam, Hernando Cortez, Don Miguel de Cervantes,
Daniel Defoe, Captain Cook, Dan'l Boone, Stanley and Livingstone, and Florence Nightingale as detective
The Medieval Murderers
The Tainted Relic
Sword of Shame
House of Shadows
The Lost Prophecies
King Arthur's Bones
The Sacred Stone
Myers, Amy
Murder! 'Orrible Murder!
Perry, Anne
Much Ado About Murder: All-New Shakespeare-Inspired Mystery Stories
Thou Shalt Not Kill : Biblical Mystery Stories
Death by Dickens [England] Victorian
Randisi, Robert J.
Hollywood And Crime
Tremayne, Peter
An Ensuing Evil and Others: Fourteen Historical Mystery Stories
Associational Non-Fiction
Browne, Ray Broadus & Kreiser, Lawrence A.
The Detective As Historian: History and Art in Historical Crime Fiction
Emerson, Kathy Lynn
How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries
Johnsen, Rosemary Erickson
Contemporary Feminist Historical Crime Fiction
Vassilakos, Jill H. & Burgess, Michael
Murder in Retrospect: A Selective Guide to Historical Mystery Fiction


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