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Crime Thru Time -- Series Time Line

[This Means War Timeline]

B.C.E Ancient Early Medieval 11C 12C 13C 14C 15C 16C 17C 18C 19C 20C Multi-Era
Before Common Era (B.C.E. - aka B.C.)
Atherton, Gertrude The Golden Peacock [Rome] 19-20 B.C.E.
Apostolou, Anna aka P. C. Doherty (ALEXANDER THE GREAT Series) [Greece] 336 B.C.E.
Benton, Kenneth Death on the Appian Way [Rome] 1st C B.C.E.
Bradshaw, Gillian Render Unto Caesar [Rome] 16 B.C.E.
Chavarria, Daniel The Eye of Cybele [Greece] 5th century B.C.E.
Christie, Agatha Death Comes as the End [Egypt] @2000 B.C.E.
Connell, Charles Meet Me at Philippi [Rome] 1st century B.C.E.
Most Delicious Poison [Middle East] 1st century B.C.E.
Denlger, Sandy Hyenas [France] 35,000 B.C.E.
Doherty, P. C. (LORD AMEROTKE Series) [Egypt] 1479 B.C.E.
(MAHU Series) [Egypt] 15thC B.C.E.
Doody, Margaret (ARISTOTLE DETECTIVE Series) [Greece] 332-330 B.C.E.
Drake, Nick (RAI RAHOTEP Series) [Egypt] 14th C B.C.E.
Edwards, Michael Murder at the Panionic Games [Greece] 650 B.C.E.
Elfwood, Christiana (aka Christiana Sourvinou-Inwood) Murder Most Classical [Greece] Classical Era
Gaspar, Stephen The Case of the Empty Tomb [Jerusalem] 1st Century B.C.E.
Geagley, Brad (SEMERKET Series) [Egypt] 12th Century B.C.E.
Gill, Anton (HUY THE SCRIBE Series) [Egypt] 14th Century B.C.E.
Haney, Lauren (LIEUTENANT BAK Series) [Egypt] 15th Century B.C.E.
Hatten, Patrick (MERCHANT IDAS Mysteries) [Athens, Greece] 5th Century B.C.E.
Hudson, Roger (LYSANIAS Mysteries) [Athens, Greece] 461 B.C.E.
Irwin, Wallace The Julius Caesar Murder Case [Rome] 1st Century B.C.E.
Levin, Lee King Tut's Private Eye [Egypt] 1356 B.C.E.
Lubin, Marianne (LEVI mysteries) [Egypt] circa 1450 B.C.E.
O'Hagan, Joan A Roman Death [Rome] 45-44 B.C.E.
Roberts, John Maddox (SPQR Series) [Rome] 1st century B.C.E.
Robinson, http://www.crimethrutime.com/libraryLynda S. (LORD MEREN Series) [Egypt] 14th Century B.C.E. reign of Tutankhamen
Saylor, Steven (GORDIANUS THE FINDER Series) [Roman Empire] 1st century B.C.E.
Séverac, Benoît Pax Romana: The Aquitania Mysteries [Aquitania, Roman Empire] 16 B.C.E.
Somoza, Jose Carlos The Athenian Murders [Greece] 400 B.C.E.
Sourvinou-Inwood, Christiana (aka Christiana Elfwood) (SUB-PRIESTESS CHLOE series) [Greece] Classical Era
Strong, Marianne Wilski (KLEIDES THE SOPHIST short stories) [Greece] 495-420 B.C.E.

Todd, Marilyn (CLAUDIA Series) [Roman Empire] 1st century B.C.E.
(ILIONAS Series) [Greece] 466 B.C.E.

Ancient World (0 - 476 C.E.)
Bell, Albert (PLINY THE YOUNGER Mysteries) [Roman Empire] 83 C.E.
Blackburn, John The Flame and the Wind [Roman Empire, Judea] 30 C.E.
Boast, Philip (SEPTIMUS SEVERUS QUISTUS Mysteries) [Roman Empire] mid 1st century C.E.
Burns, Ron (GAIUS LIVINIUS SEVERUS Mysteries) [Roman Empire] 180 C.E.
Davis, Lindsey (MARCUS DIDIUS FALCO Series) [Roman Empire] 1st century C.E.
The Course of Honor [Roman Empire] 1st century C.E.
Doherty, P. C. Domina [Roman Empire] 1st century C.E.
(CLAUDIA series) [Roman Empire] 4th century C.E.
Domokos, Alex and Toews, Rita The Centurion [Roman Empire] 1st century C.E.
Downie, R. S. (GAIUS PETREIUS RUSO Series) [Roman Britain] late 1st century C.E.
Edmunds, William I All Roads Lead to Zion [Roman Palestine] early 1st century C.E.
Finnis, Jane (AURELIA MARCELLA Series) [Roman Britain] 91 C.E.
Gray, Charles Edward Murder defies the Roman Emperor [Rome] 2nd century C.E.
Hambly, Barbara Search the Seven Hills
(aka The Quirinal Hill Affair)
[Rome] 116 C.E.
Harris, Robert Pompeii [Roman Pompeii] 47 C.E.
Hays, Tony (MALGWYN AP CUNEGLAS Series) [Arthurian Britain] 450-525 C.E.
Larkin, Patrick (LUCIUS AURELIUS VALENS Series) [Roman Britain] 2nd century C.E.
Levey, Michael An Affair on the Appian Way [Rome] turn of the 1st C. C.E.
Nelson, Ray (GAIUS HESPERIAN Mysteries) [Roman Egypt] 1st century C.E.
Noyer, Albert The Saint's Day Deaths [Roman Empire] 406 C.E.
(GETORIUS & ARCADIA ASTERIUS Mysteries) [Ravenna, Italy] 439-440 C.E.
Pastor, Ben (AELIUS SPARTIANUS Series) [Roman Empire] 304 C.E.
Richards, Kel (BEN BARTHOLOMEW Series) [Roman occupied Palestine] 1st Century C.E.
Ripley, Mike (OLUSSA Series) [Roman Empire] 60 C.E.
Rowe, Rosemary (LIBERTUS Series) [Roman Empire] 2nd century C.E.
Stanley, Kelli (ROMAN NOIR Series) [Roman Britain] 1st century C.E.
Tassie, A. C. (ANTHUSs Series) [Rome] 26 C.E.
Tate, J. E. The Judean Conspiracy [Palestine] 1st century C.E.

Wishart, David (MARCUS CORVINUS Series) [Roman Empire] 1st century C.E.

Early Medieval Period (476 - 1000 C.E.)
Blair, J.M.C. (MERLIN Investigations) [Britain] Early Medieval
Cooney, Eleanor & Altieri, Daniel Deception: A Novel of Murder and Madness in T'Ang China [China] 7th Century
Gaspar, Stephen To Know Evil [Italy] 999 C.E.
Reed, Mary & Mayer, Eric (JOHN THE EUNUCH Series) [Byzantine Empire] 6th Century
Tremayne, Peter (SISTER FIDELMA Series) [Ireland, Britain & Rome] 7th Century

Van Gulik, Robert Hans (THE CELEBRATED CASES OF JUDGE DEE) [China] 7th century

11th Century
1066-1087 Reign of William the Conqueror [England]
1087-1100 Reign of William II (Rufus) [England]
794-1185 Heian Era of Classic Culture [Japan]
Doherty, P. C. (THE TEMPLARS) [various] 11th-12th C
Harper, Tom (DEMETRIOS ASKIATES Series) [Byzantine Empire] 1096-98 C.E.
Marston, Edward (THE DOMESDAY Series) [England] 1086
Parker, I. J. (SUGAWARA AKITADA Series) [Japan] 11th century
Potter, Jeremy Death in the Forest [England] 11th C post Conquest

Woodward, Ann (LADY AOI Series) [Japan] 11th century


12th Century
1100-1135 Reign of Henry I [England]
1135-1154 Reign of Stephen [England]
1137-1180 Reign of Louis VII [France]
1154-1189 Reign of Henry II [England]
1189-1199 Reign of Richard I [England]
Beaufort, Simon (SIR GEOFFREY DE MAPPESTONE Series) [England] 1100-1101
Bland, David (FATHER MARTIN Mysteries) [England] 12th C
Clare, Alys (HAWKENLYE ABBEY Series) [England] 1189-1190s
(AELF FEN Series) [East Anglia England] reign of William II 1087-1100
Doherty, P. C. The Death of the Red King [England] turn of the 12th C
Franklin, Ariana (DOCTOR TO THE DEAD Books) [England] 12th C
Geisler, Barbara Reichmuth (THE AVERILLAN CHRONICLES) [England] 1141
Gellis, Roberta (MAGDELENE LA BATARDE Series) [England] 1134-1139
Knight, Bernard (CROWNER JOHN DE WOLFE Series) [Devon, England] Late 12th century
Moore, Viviane (CHEVALIER GALERAN DE LESNEVAN Series) [France] 1145-6
Newman, Sharan (CATHERINE LEVENDEUR Series) [France] 1139-1140s
Penman, Sharon Kay (JUSTIN DE QUINCY Series) [England] 1190s
Peters, Ellis (BROTHER CADFAEL Series) [England] 1138-1154

Wolf, Joan (HUGH CORBAILLE Series) [England] 1140

13th Century
1216-1272 Reign of Henry III [England]
1260-1294 Reign of Kublai Khan [China]
1272–1307 Reign of Edward I [England]
Armstrong, T. J. Cecilia's Vision [Canturbury, England] 1235
Ash, Maureen (KNIGHT TEMPLAR Mysteries) [England] very early 13th C
Coles, David & Everett, Jack (THE ABBOT AND THE ACOLYTE Series) [Southern France] 1280s
Conway, Sara (LORD GODWIN Series) [Hexham, England] 1220s
Doherty, P. C. (HUGH CORBETT Series) [England] 1286-1303
The Plague Lord [China] Late 13th Century
Gordon, Alan (THE FOOL'S GUILD Series) [Europe (various)] Early 13th century
Hamilton, Sylvian (SIR RICHARD STRACCAN Series) [England] Early 13th century
Healey, Judith (PRINCESS ALAIS Stories) [England] Early 13th century
Morson, Ian (WILLIAM FALCONER Series) [England] 1263-1268
(NICK ZULIANI Series) [England] 1262
Perry, Anne The Sheen on the Silk [Byzantium] 1272-3
Robb, Candace (DAME MARGARET KERR Series) [Scotland] Late 13th century
Royal, Priscilla (PRIORESS ELEANOR OF WYNETHORPE Series) [East Anglia England] 1270s
Sack, John R. The Franciscan Conspiracy [Italy] 13th Century
Schatzing, Frank Death and the Devil [Cologne, German] 1260

Vaughan-Hughes, Pip Relics [Europe] 1235-40s

14th Century
1272–1307 Reign of Edward I [England]
1307–1327 Reign of Edward II [England]
1316–1334 Papacy of John XXII [Italy]
1327–1377 Reign of Edward III [England]
1377–1399 Reign of Richard II [England]
Clancy, Gertrude and Joseph Death is a Pilgrim [England & France] 1387
Clark, Cassandra (ABBESS OF MEAUX Mysteries) [England] 1380s
Crowley, Duane Riddle Me A Murder [England & France] Mid 14th Century
Doherty, P. C. (CANTERBURY TALE Mysteries) [England] 1350-1389
(MATHILDE OF WESTMINSTER Series) [England] 1308-1322
Devlin, Mary Murder on the Canterbury Pilgrimage [England] late 14th C
Eco, Umberto The Name of the Rose [Italy] 1327
Gregory, Susanna (MATTHEW BARTHOLOMEW Series) [England] Mid 14th C
Hall, Daniel (MARTIN KEMP Mysteries) [England/France] 1340s
Harding, Paul aka P.C. Doherty (BROTHER ATHELSTAN Mysteries) [England] 1377-1380
Japp, Andrea H. (THE AGNES DE SOUARCY Chronicles) [Normandy, France] 1304
Jecks, Michael (MEDIEVAL WEST COUNTRY Mysteries) [Devon, England] 1307-1320s
Jinks, Catherine The Inquisitor [Southern France] 14th century Inquisition Era
The Notary [Southern France] 14th century Inquisition Era
Leoni, Giulio (DANTE ALIGHIERI Mysteries) [Florence, Italy] 1300
Maitland, Karen Company of Liars [Kent, Oxfordshire, and Norfolk England] 1348
The Owl Killers [Norfolk coast, England] 1321
Margrave, Jay The Gawain Quest: A Medieval Mystery [England] 1399
McDuffie, Susan (MUIRTEACH Mysteries) [Scotland] 1370s
Morgan, Philippa (CHAUCER Mysteries) [Various European locations] 1370s
Roe, Caroline (ISAAC OF GIRONA Series) [Spain] Late 14th century
Robb, Candace (OWEN ARCHER Series) [England] 1363-1370s
Souter, Keith M. The Pardoner's Crime [Wakefield, England] 1322
Starr, Melvin R. (HUGH DE SINGLETON Chronicles) [Oxford, England] 14th C
Unsworth, Barry Morality Play [England] 1390

Westerson, Jeri (CRISPIN GUEST Series) [England] late 14th C

15th Century
1399–1413 Reign of Henry IV [England]
1413–1422 Reign of Henry V [England]
1421–1461 Reign of Henry VI [England]
1461–1483 Reign of Edward IV [England]
1483 Reign of Edward V [England]
1483–1485 Reign of Richard III [England]
1484–1492 Papacy of Innocent VIII [Italy]
Barlow, Andrew The Bear Pit [England and France] early 15th C
Cooper, M. E. (RENAISSANCE LOCKSMITH Series) [Italy] 1489
Doherty, P. C. (MATTHEW JENKYN Series) [England] early 15th century
The Fate of the Princes [England] 1452-1485
Eyre, Elizabeth (SIGISMONDO Series) [Renaissance Italy]
Farrington, Robert (HENRY MORANE Series) [England] late 15th century
Frazer, Margaret (SISTER FREVISSE Series) [England] 1431-1440s
(JOLIFFE Series) [England] mid-15th century
Grace, C. L. aka Paul (P.C.) Doherty (KATHRYN SWINBROOKE Series) [England] 1470s
Gross, Claudia Scholarium [Cologne, Germany] 1413
Hall, John (MARTIN BYRD Mysteries) [England] mid 15th century
Herman, George (LEONARDO DA VINCI Mysteries) [Renaissance Italy]
Holman, Sheri A Stolen Tongue [On pilgrimage Germany-Mt Sinai] 15th C
Maxwell, Robin To the Tower Born [England] 1480s
McIntosh, Pat (GIL CUNNINGHAM Series) [Glasgow, Scotland] Late 15th C
Potter, Jeremy A Trail of Blood [England] late 15th century
Sedley, Kate (ROGER THE CHAPMAN Series) [England] 1470s-80s
Sierra, Javier The Secret Supper [Milan, Italy] 1497
Souter, Keith M. The Fool’s Folly [Sandal Castle, England] 1485
Stevermer, C. J. (THE ALCHEMIST Series) [Italy] late 15th C
Stuckart, Diane A. S. (LEONARDO DA VINCI Series) [Milan, Italy] 1480s
Tey, Josephine The Daughter of Time [England] 1483-5

Wilson, Derek The Swarm of Heaven [Italy] 15th C

16th Century
1502–1520 Reign of Montezuma II [Mexico - Aztecs]
1509–1547 Reign of Henry VIII [England]
1543–1567 Reign of Mary Queen of Scots [Scotland]
1558–1603 Reign of Elizabeth I [England]
Buckley, Fiona (URSULA BLANCHARD Series) [England] 1560s
Clynes, Michael aka P. C. Doherty (SIR ROGER SHALLOT Journals) [England] 1517-1523
Chisholm, P. F. aka Patricia Finney (SIR ROBERT CAREY Series) [England] 1592
Clements, Rory (JOHN SHAKESPEARE Series) [England] 1580s-1590s
Collier, Iris (LORD NICHOLAS PEVERELL Series) [England] 1530s
Cook, Judith (DR. SIMON FOREMAN Series) [England] 1590s
The Slicing Edge of Death [England] Elizabethan
Davidson, Diane Feversham [England] 1550
Dukthas, Ann A Time for the Death of a King [Scotland] 1567
In the Time of the Poisoned Queen [England] 1558
Ellis, Kate The Devil's Priest [Liverpool, England] 1539
Emerson, Kathy Lynn (LADY SUSANNA APPLETON Series) [England] 1559-1570s
Finney, Patricia aka P. F. Chisholm (SIMON AMES Mysteries) [England] 1583
Garrett, George Entered From The Sun: The Murder Of Marlowe [England] 1597
Gellis, Roberta (LUCREZIA BORGIA Series) [Italy] 1502
Gooden, Philip (REVILL/SHAKESPEARE Series) [England] Late Elizabethan
Gortner, C. W. (THE SPYMASTER CHRONICLES) [England] 1553
Halsey, Winifred Murder in the Pitti Palace [Florence] 16th century
Harper, Karen (YOUNG ELIZABETH I Series) [England] Mid 16th century
Harrison, Cora (JUDGE MARA Series) [Ireland] early 16thC
Hawke, Simon (SMYTHE/SHAKESPEARE Series) [England] Late 16th century
Herring, Peg (SIMON & ELIZABETH Mysteries) [England] 1540s
Hoekenga, David The Hampton Court Murders [England, Ireland and France] 1530
Kellerman, Faye Quality of Mercy [England] 1558 - 1603
Knight, Alanna The Dagger in the Crown [Scotland] 1566
Levack, Simon (YAOTL AZTEC Series) [Mexico] 1517
Marston, Edward (ELIZABETHAN THEATER Mysteries) [England] 1588-90s
McCuaig, Catriona Snares and Nets [England] 1533
McKay, Shirley (HEW CULLAN Mysteries) [Scotland] 1579-1580s
Pamuk, Orhan My Name Is Red [Istanbul, Turkey] 1590s
Parris, S. J. Heresy [Oxford, England] Elizabethan
Peterson, Audrey (ANNE HATHAWAY SHAKESPEARE Mysteries) [Stratford, England] Elizabethan
Pilkington, John (THOMAS FINBOW Mysteries) [England] Elizabethan
Rees, George Eye of Death [London England] Elizabethan 1590s
Sansom, C. J. (MATTHEW SHARDLAKE Series) [England] 1530s-40s
Stephen, Martin (HENRY GRESHAM Series) [England] 1588-1612
Thompson, David The Mirrormaker [Venice, Italy] 16th C
Tonkin, Peter (THE MASTER OF DEFENSE Series) [England] 1594
Welsh, Louise Tamburlaine Must Die [England] 1593
Wishnia, Kenneth The Fifth Servant [Prague] 1592

Zimler, Richard The Last Kabbalist Of Lisbon [Portugal] 1506

17th Century
1600–1775 Colonial America [USA]
1558–1603 Reign of Elizabeth I [England]
1603–1605 Ieyasu Tokugawa Shogunate [Japan]
1603–1625 Reign of James I [England]
1625–1649 Reign of Charles I [England]
1643–1715 Reign of Louis XIV (The Sun King) [France]
1649–1660 Oliver Cromwell [England]
1660–1685 Reign of Charles II (Restoration) [England]
1680–1709 Tokugawa Tsunayoshi Shogunate [Japan]
1685–1688 Reign of James II [England]
1688–1702 Reign of William & Mary [England]
Alfieri, Annamaria City of Silver [Colonial Peru, South America] 1650
Begiebing, Robert J. The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin [USA] 1648
Bennett, Ronan Havoc, in its Third Year [England] 1630s
Brown, Molly Invitation to a Funeral [England] 1676
Carr, John Dickson (writing as Roger Fairbairn) Devil Kinsmere [England] Reign of Charles II
later rewritten as Most Secret
The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey [England] 1678
The Devil in Velvet [England] 1675
D'Almeida, Sarah (Musketeers Mysteries) [France] 17th C
Daimlen-Vols, Stephane Hour of the Wolves [France] 1676
Depoy, Philip The King James Conspiracy [Cambridge, England] 1605
Doherty, P. C. The Masked Man [France] 1643-1715
Edge, Arabella The Company [Australia] 1628-9
Furutani, Dale (MATSUYAMA KAZE SAMURAI Trilogy) [Japan] 1603
Gregory, Susanna (THOMAS CHALONER Series) [England] Restoration era
Hays, Tony Murder on the Twelfth Night [London, England] 1602
Kemp, M. E. (HETTY HENRY AND INCREASE COTTON Series) [Colonial Massachusetts] late 17th C
Kerr, Philip Dark Matter [England] 1696
King, Ross Ex-Libris [England] 1660
Knight, Alanna The Gowrie Conspiracy [Scotland] 1600
Lawrence, Paul (CHRONICLES OF HARRY LYTLE) [London] Restoration 17th Century
Lewis, Stephen (CATHERINE WILLIAMS Series) [Colonial USA] 17th Century
Liss, David The Coffee Trader [Amsterdam] 1659
Maclean, Shona (ALEXANDER SEATON Series) [Scotland & IrelandS] 1620s
Marston, Edward (RESTORATION Mysteries) [England] 1688-1670
McCammon, Robert (MATTHEW CORBETT Mysteries) [Various Colonial USA locations] 1699-1703
Meyers, Maan (TONNEMAN FAMILY DUTCHMAN Mysteries) [USA] 1664-1899
Morgan, Fidelis (COUNTESS ASHBY DE LA ZOUCHE Series) [England] 1699
Pears, Iain An Instance of the Fingerpost [Oxford, England] 1663
Perez-Reverte, Arturo (CAPTAIN ALATRISTE Series) [Spain] 1620s
Pilkington, John (Restoration Mysteries) [England] Restoration 1670s
Potter, Jeremy The Mystery of the Campden Wonder [England] 1660-1662
The Primrose Hill Murder [England] 1678
Quaife, Geoff The Spanish Relation [Somerset, England] 1655
Redfern, Elizabeth Auriel Rising [London] 1609
Rowland, Laura Joh (SANO ICHIRO Series) [Japan] 1689-90s
Tobin, Betsy Bone House [England] 1603
Tourney, Leonard (MATTHEW STOCK Mysteries) [England] 1601-1603
(WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Mysteries) [England] 1603-1604

Watt, Douglas Death of a Chief [Edinburgh Scotland] 1686

18th Century
1600–1775 Colonial America [USA]
1688–1702 Reign of William & Mary [England]
1702–1714 Reign of Anne [England]
1714–1727 Reign of George I [England]
1727–1760 Reign of George II [England]
1760–1820 Reign of George III [England]
1767 Expulsion of the Jesuits [New Spain (Mexico)]
1774–1792 Reign of Louis XVI [France]
1789–1799 The French Revolution [France]
Adair, Suzanne (SOPHIE BARTON / BETSY SHERIDAN) [Southern US and Cuba] American Revolution
Alexander, Bruce (SIR JOHN FIELDING Series) [England] 1768-70s
Alleyn, Susanne (ARISTIDE RAVEL Series) [Paris, France] Revolutionary Era 1780s-1790s
Baruth, Philip The Brothers Boswell [London, England] 1763
Brant, Lucinda (ALEC HALSEY Series) [England] late 1763
Butler, Gwendoline The King Cried Murder (MAJOR MEARS Series) [Windsor, England] late 18th C
Byham, Florence (see under Weinberg, Florence Byham)
Carr, John Dickson Fear Is the Same [England] 1795
The Demoniacs [England] 1757
Christie, Pamela The King's Lizard [Colonial New Mexico] 1782
Clarke, Mary Andrea (THE CRIMSON CAVALIER Series) [Georgian England] 1780s
De La Torre, Lillian (DR. SAM JOHNSON Series) [England] 18th C
de Santis, Pablo Voltaire's Calligrapher [France] 18th C
DeFelice, Jim (JAKE GIBBS Series) [Colonial America] 1770s
Delalande, Arnaud The Dante Trap [Venice, Italy] 1756
Donachie, David (PRIVATEERSMAN Series) [Mediterranean] 1790s
Gabaldon, Diana (LORD JOHN GREY Series) [London, England & Rhineland] 1750s
Gleeson, Janet The Grenadillo Box [England] 1755
The Serpent in the Garden [England] 18th Century
The Thief Taker [London, England] 18th Century
Goddard, Robert Sea Change [London & Amsterdam] 1721
Hall, Robert Lee (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Series) [England] 1757-1760s
Hamilton, Barbara (ABIGAIL ADAMS Series) [Massachusetts Colony] 1770s pre-Revolutionary War
Heller, Keith (GEORGE MAN Series) [London, England] 18th C
Humphreys, C. C. (JACK ABSOLUTE Series) [London, England & American colonies] 1759-1770s
King, Ross Domino [England] 1780
Lake, Deryn (JOHN RAWLINGS Series) [England] 18th Century
Lambdin, Dewey (MATTHEW LIVESEY Mysteries) [Cape Fear NC USA] Pre-revolutionary
Laurence, Janet (CANALETTO Mysteries) [London, England] 1740s
Lawrence, Margaret (HANNAH TREVOR Series) [Maine, USA] Post-Revolution
Liss, David (BENJAMIN WEAVER Series) [London, England] 1719-1722
March, Hannah (ROBERT FAIRFAX Series) [England] 1750s-60s
Mathieson, Theodore Devil and Ben Franklin [Philadelphia USA] 1734
McCammon, Robert (MATTHEW CORBETT Mysteries) [Various Colonial USA locations] 1699-1703
Melikan, Rose (MARY FRITH Series) [England] 1790s
Myers, Beverle Graves (TITO AMATO Series) [Italy] 1730s-1740s
Miles, Margaret (THE BRACEBRIDGE Series) [Colonial New England] 1763-66
Nickson, Chris The Broken Token [Leeds, England] 1731
O'Brien, Charles (ANNE CARTIER Series) [France/England] 1785-90s
Parot, Jean-Francois (NICOLAS LE FLOCH Series) [Paris, France] 1760s-1770s
Pattison, Eliot (DUNCAN MCCALLUM series) [Colonial USA] 1759-1760s
Perry, Anne The One Thing More [France] 1793
Rafferty, S. S. (CAPTAIN JEREMY CORK Series) [USA] 1750s
Redfern, Elizabeth The Music of the Spheres [London] 1795
Robertson, Imogen (GABRIEL CROWTHER series) [Sussex & London England] 1780s
Rotondi, Anthony (ROBERT HAWKINS Series) [USA] 1774
Southey, Roz (CHARLES PATTERSON Series) [Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England] 1730s
Swee, Karen (ABIGAIL LAWRENCE Series) [British ocupied NJ, USA] 1777
Temple, Lou Jane Death du Jour [Paris, France] 1790
Warren, James Lincoln (ALAN TREVISCOE Stories) [London, England] 1771-1776
(STAVACRE & BRIMSTONE Stories) [London, England] 1760s-70s
Weinberg, Florence Byham (FR. IGNAZ PFEFFERKORN Series) [Mexico] 1760s
Williams, Jim Scherzo [Venice] Mid-18th C
Wright, Nancy Means (MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT Series) [Ireland] 1780s
Wynn, Patricia (BLUE SATAN Series) [England] 1715

Zochert, Donald Murder in the Hellfire Club [London, England] 1757

19th Century, 20th Century, Associational non-fiction
and Anthologies on Timeline Pages 2 & 3


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