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Gary Corby
C K Crigger
Armand Cabasson
(Author's site is in French)

Captain Quentin Margont
of the 84th regiment
Napoleon's Grande Armee
various European locations

The Officer’s Prey [2007]
  (1st English edition)
Wolf Hunt [2008]
Memory of Flames [2009]

Kenneth Cameron
(aka Gordon Kent with son Christian)

General Denton, U.S. Civil War
veteran and former frontier sheriff
turned novelist, escaping the past in
London, England & Europe early 1900s

The Frightened Man [2008]
The Bohemian Girl [2009]
The Second Woman [2010]

Hannah Vogel
Crime Reporter
1930s Munich &Berlin Germany

A Trace of Smoke [2009]

A Night of Long Knives [2010]

A Game of Lies [2011]
A City of Broken Glass (2012)

Lillian Stewart Carl
(Short Stories)

The Muse and Other Stories of History, Mystery and Myth [2007]

Caleb Carr 1

Dr. Kreizler Mysteries
Laszlo Kreizler,
Forensic Psychiatrist
1800's, New York City

The Alienist [1994]
The Angel of Darkness [1997]

Caleb Carr 2

Sherlock Holmes and
Dr. Watson
Victorian Scotland and England

The Italian Secretary [2005]

John Dickson Carr
(aka Roger Fairbairn, Carter Dickson)

A prolific author who wrote both
contemporary and historical mysteries;
with invaluable assistance from others, the
following have been identified as
historical mysteries & thrillers

Devil Kinsmere (court of Charles II) [1934]
   (publ under the name Roger Fairbairn)
   rewritten as Most Secret [1964]
The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey
  (England 1678) [1936]
   (Historical true crime reconstruction)
The Bride of Newgate (England 1815) [1950]
The Devil in Velvet (England 1675) [1951]
Captain Cut-Throat (France 1805) [1955]
Fear Is the Same (England 1795) [1956]
   (publ under the name Carter Dickson)
Fire Burn! (London 1829) [1957]
Scandal at High Chimneys
  (London 1865) [1959]
The Witch of the Low-Tide
  (England 1907) [1961]
The Demoniacs (London, 1757) [1961]
Papa La-Bas (New Orleans 1858) [1968]
The Ghosts' High Noon
  (New Orleans 1912) [1969]
Deadley Hall (New Orleans 1927) [1971]
The Hungry Goblin (England 1869) [1972]
Speak of the Devil
  (England 1815-1816) [1994]
  Originally a 1941 BBC radio play

Philip J. Carraher

Holmes Pastiches
Sherlock Holmes stories
with Holmes often hiding under
the pseudonym Simon Hawkes
set during the "missing years"
New York City, NY 1890s

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of
  the Dead Rabbits Society [2001]
Alias Simon Hawkes: Further Adventures
  of Sherlock Holmes in New York [2003]
Sherlock Holmes in New York: The
  Adventure of the New York Ripper [2005]

Charlotte Carter

County Cook Mysteries
Cassandra Perry
young black college student
Woody and Ivy Lisle,
Her great-aunt and great-uncle
Chicago, Ill 1968

Jackson Park [2003]
Trip Wire [2005]

Alafair Tucker,
farmwife and mother
Oklahoma frontier in 1912-1914


The Old Buzzard Had It Coming [2005]
Hornswoggled [2006]
The Drop Edge of Yonder [2007]
The Sky Took Him [2008]
Crying Blood [2010]
Wrong Hill to Die On [2012]

Karen Rose Cercone

Milo Kachigan,
Police detective
Helen Sorby,
Social worker
Pittsburgh of 1905

Steel Ashes [1997]
Blood Tracks [1998]
Coal Bones [1999]

Michael Chabon
(Non-Series Novella)

"The Old Man"
Unnamed, but clearly intended
to be a retired Sherlock Holmes
England during WW II

The Final Solution [2004]

Daphne du Maurier
daughter of actor / manager
Geoffrey du Maurier, on the
cusp of fame as the author of Rebecca
England 1930s


Murder On the Cliffs [2009]
Peril At Somner House
The Villa of Death

Ian Charnock
(Short Stories)

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Told by Stamford, the young
fellow at Bart's who
introduced Holmes to Watson
Victorian England

The Elementary Cases of Sherlock Holmes [1999]

Megan Chance

Evelyn Atherton
Working class woman
who "married up" into
Knickerbocker society
New York City 1856

The Spiritualist [2008]

Daniel Chavarria
& Carlos Lopez (Translator)


Athens, Greece
in the Age of Pericles
5th Century B.C.

The Eye of Cybele [2002]

Marion Chesney
(aka M. C. Beaton)

Capt. Harry Cartwright
Edwardian England

Snobbery with Violence [2003]
Hasty Death [2004]
Sick of Shadows [2005]
Our Lady of Pain [2006]

Inspector Hadley, and
Sergeant Cooper
Victorian London

The Tavistock Square Murders [2007]
The Gold Bullion Murders [2007]
The Tower of London Murders [2008]
The American Murders [2008]
The Diamond Murders [2009]
The Satan Murders [2009]
The Royal Russian Murders [2009]
The Satan Murders
The Medical Murders [2010]
The WestMinster Murders
The Gigolo Murders
The Holy Grail Murders [2011]
The Diplomat Murders [2011]
The Macabre Murders [2012]

Sir Robert Carey,
Deputy Warden
West March, England,
Late Elizabethan

Famine of Horses [1994]
Season of Knives [1995]
    (alternate title Crime of Petty Treason)
Surfeit of Guns [1996]
A Plague of Angels [1998]
A Murder of Crows [2010]

Agatha Christie

priest's daughter
Ancient Egypt, 2000 BC

Death Comes as the End [1944]

Pamela Christie

Nando Aguilar, half-breed
son of a Spanish don and a Ute slave
and spy for Governor Anza of the
new Mexico colony, Santa Fe. 1782

The King's Lizard [2004]

J. D. Christilian (Non-Series)

Harp, Private Investigator
Victorian New York

Scarlet Woman [1996]

Samantha (Sam) Slater
Newspaper editor
Lowell's Crossing TX, 1880s.

Lone Star State of Death [2006]

Jill Churchill
(aka Janice Young Brooks)

Grace and Favor Mysteries
Lily & Robert Brewster
Society Sleuths
1930's on the Hudson River

Anything Goes [1999]
In the Still of the Night [2000]
Someone to Watch Over Me [2001]
Love for Sale [2003]
It Had to Be You [2004]
Who's Sorry Now [2005]
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [2009]

Gertrude and Joseph Clancy

Geoffrey Chaucer
Author and court official
on the road from London
to Canterbury April 1387

Death is a Pilgrim: A Canterbury Tale [1993]

Alys Clare 1
(aka Elizabeth Harris)

Hawkenlye Medieval Mysteries
Sir Josse d' Acquin, knight bachelor
Abbess Helewise, nun
Hawkenlye Abbey, Tonnbridge
England, 1189-1190s

Fortune Like the Moon [1999]
Ashes of the Elements [2000]
The Tavern in the Morning [2000]
The Chatter of the Maidens [2001]
The Faithful Dead [2002]
A Dark Night Hidden [2004]
Whiter Than the Lily [2004]
Girl in a Red Tunic [2005]
Heart of Ice [2006]
The Enchanter's Forest [2007]
The Paths of the Air [2008]
The Joys of My Life [2008]
The Rose of The World (2011)
The Song of the Nightingale (2012)

Alys Clare 2
(aka Elizabeth Harris)

Aelf Fen Series
Lassair,young girl apprenticed
as a healer in imaginary "Aelf Fen"
East Anglia, between Ely and the Wash
reign of William II 1087-1100

Out of the Dawn Light [2009]
Mist Over the Water [2009]
Music of the Distant Stars [2010] 
The Way Between the Worlds [2012]

Abbess of Meaux Mysteries
Sister Hildegaard
Northern England 1380s

Hangman Blind [2008]
The Red Velvet Turnshoe [2009]
The Law of Angels
A Parliament of Spies [2012]

Clare Clark

Literary thriller
William May, Crimean veteran
and subterranean engineer
London 1855

The Great Stink [2005]

Robert Clark

Homicide cop
Lieutenant Wesley Horner
St. Paul, Minn. 1939

Mr. White's Confession [2008]

Anna Clarke

Story set in 1939, involving
a young working class woman who
disappears from a ship
If anyone has more info
please let me know

Last Voyage [1976]

Georgiana Gray,
aka The Crimson Cavalier
and her maid Emily.
Georgian England 1780s

The Crimson Cavalier [2007]
Love Not Poison [2009]
Debt of Dishonour [2010]

T.E.B. (Thomas Ernest Bennett) Clarke

Detective Sergeant Harry Bennett
Buckingham Palace, days before
George V's Silver Jubilee
London, England 1935

Murder at Buckingham Palace [1981]

Philippe Claudel 1

Literary detective novel
WW I France, winter of 1917

Grey Souls [2005]
  US Title: By a Slow River

Philippe Claudel 2

Literary detective /
crime novel, implied setting
Post WW II France, Alsace

Brodeck's Report [2009]

John Shakespeare, elder brother
of playwright William Shakespeare
and investigator for Queen Elizabeth I
England 1580s-1590s

Martyr [2009]
Revenger [2010]
Prince [2011]

Barbara Cleverly 1

Commander Joe Sandilands
Scotland Yard detective
and war veteran
India during the last days
of the Raj, France, & London, 1920s

The Last Kashmiri Rose [2001]
Ragtime in Simla [2002]
The Damascened Blade [2003]
The Palace Tiger [2004]
The Bee's Kiss [2005]
Tug of War [2006]
Folly Du Jour [2007]
Strange Images of Death [2010]
The Royal Blood [2011]
Not My Blood [2012]

Barbara Cleverly 2

Laetitia "Letty" Talbot
neophyte archeologist
Various European locations, 1920s

The Tomb of Zeus [2007]
Bright Hair About the Bone [2008]
A Darker God [2010]

Journals of Sir Roger Shallot,
A Rogue
London, England 1509 - 1547

The White Rose Murders [1991]
The Poisoned Chalice [1992]
The Grail Murders [1993]
A Brood of Vipers [1994]
The Gallows Murders [1995]
The Relic Murders [1997]

James H. Cobb

Kevin Pulaski
LA County Deputy Sheriff
September, 1957 or 1958

West on 66 [1999]

Tom Coffey

Patrick Grimes,
WWII veteran and
tabloid reporter
New York in the 1940s

Blood Alley [2008]

Curt Colbert

Jake Rossiter,
Ex-marine PI
Miss Jenkins,
His junior partner
Post WW II Seattle, Oregon

Rat City [2001]
Sayonaraville [2003]
Queer Street [2004]

The Abbot and the Acolyte
Abbot Rutilius,
auditor for the Pope
and his Acolyte, William
South of France 1281

Death and Taxes [2007]

Iris Collier

Lord Nicholas Peverell,
Tudor England
Reign of Henry VIII (1509 - 1547)

Day of Wrath [2002]
Reluctant Spy [2002]
Death at Candlemas [2004]
The Secrets of the Black Canons [2006]

Marilyn Monroe,
Hollywood actress
Beverly Hills CA USA 1959

Bombshell [2005]

Nate Heller Mysteries
Nate Heller,
ex-Chicago cop / private detective
(Dates and locations next to titles)

True Detective (Al Capone) [1983]
True Crime (Dillinger, Floyd, Barker, Karpis) [1984]
The Million Dollar Wound (Chicago 1939-1943) [1986]
Neon Mirage (Chicago/Las Vegas 1946) [1988]
Dying in the Post-War World (short stories) [1991]
Stolen Away (Lindbergh 1904-1972) [1991]
Carnal Hours (Nassau, 1943) [1994]
Blood and Thunder (Louisiana,1935) [1995]
Damned in Paradise (Honolulu in 1932) [1996]
Flying Blind (Amelia Earhart.1935)[1998]
Majic Man (Washington D.C., 1949) [1999]
Angel in Black (Black Dahlia, 1947) [2001]
Kisses of Death (short stories) [2001]
Chicago Confidential (Chicago, 1950) [2002]
Bye, Baby (2011)
Chicago Lightning (2011)
Triple Play: A Nathan Heller Casebook (2012)
Target Lancer (2012)
Ask Not (2013)

Eliot Ness Mysteries
Eliot Ness, Director of Public Safety
Cleveland, Ohio 1930s

The Dark City [1987]
Butcher's Dozen [1988]
Bullet Proof [1989]
Murder by the Numbers [1993]

The Disaster Series
Various famous writer detectives
and various settings

The Titanic Murders [1999]
      - Jacques Futrelle 1912
The Hindenburg Murders [2000]
      - Leslie Charteris 1937
The Pearl Harbor Murders [2001]
      - Edgar Rice Burroughs 1941
The Lusitania Murders [2002]
      - S. S. Van Dine 1915
The London Blitz Murders [2004]
      - Agatha Christie 1942
The War of the Worlds Murder [2005]
      - Orson Welles 1938

Maggie Starr, ex-stripper
current newspaper syndicate owner
Jack Starr, her stepson, V.P.
and chief troubleshooter
Manhattan, NYC NY 1948-1950s

A Killing in Comics [2007]
Strip For Murder [2008]

Randall Collins
(Short stories)

Sherlock Holmes
with appearances by
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bertrand
Russell, John Maynard Keynes, et al
London and Oxford 1913

The Case of the Philosophers' Ring [1978]

Emily Strauss,
Newspaper reporter
Chicago, IL 1890s

City of Dark Hearts [2008]
  (reissue, with revisions, of 2007's
  Dark Hearts of Chicago by
  William Horwood and Helen Rappaport)

Thomas Ryder, former soldier
and special political agent
with the British Army in India
London, England 1894

The Coburg Conspiracy [2009]

Charles Connell

1st Century B.C.E.
Rome and Middle East

Meet me at Philippi [1948]
Most Delicious Poison [1951]

Joseph Connolly

Earl Brady, Deputy
District Attorney assigned
to a Public Safety Committee
Los Angeles, CA WW II 1941

Public Safety: A Novel of 1941 [2007]

Sara Conway

Lord Godwin, town bailiff
Hexham, England 1220s

Murder on Good Friday [2001]
The Daughters of Summer [2003]

Gary Blanchard
amateur sleuth
Upstate NY 1954 (Hayloft)
Western US 1964 (Honeymoon)

The Hayloft: a 1950s mystery [2006]
Honeymoon For Three [2007]

Oliver Drake and Melody
Jefferson, former co-workers
paired up in a $1 million
running event
California Coast 1969

Run into Trouble [2009]

Judith Cook
(UK Author)

Dr. Simon Mystery Series
Simon Foreman, Doctor
London, England, 1590s

Death of a Lady's Maid [1997]
Murder at the Rose [1998]
Blood on the Borders [1999]
Kill The Witch [1999]
The School of the Night [2000]

Judith Cook 2

Historical thriller based on the
mysteries around the life and
death of Christopher Marlowe
Elizabethan London
England, Late 1500s

The Slicing Edge of Death [1993]

Thomas H. Cook

Jack Branch, Delta
estate owner's son returned
home as a teacher
Mississippi 1954

Master of the Delta [2008]

Jason Cooke

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Victorian England

Sherlock Holmes and the Morphine Gambit [2009]

John Peyton Cooke

Eliott Ness, newly appointed
Safety Commissioner and
Hank Lambert, homicide detective
Based on real life unsolved serial killings
Cleveland, Ohio 1935

Torsos [1994]

Eleanor Cooney & Daniel Altieri

Judge Dee, magistrate
(this is the same real life historical
character used by Robert Van Gulik)
in his proper setting - 7th C China

Deception: A Novel of Murder and Madness in T'Ang China [1993]

M. E. Cooper 1
(Mary Ellen Cooper)

Avisa Boylatoni and
Lucia Colascco
female locksmiths
Bologna, Italy in 1489
Italian Renaissance

Key Deceptions [2000]
Key Confrontations [2003]

M. E. Cooper 2
(Mary Ellen Cooper)

A Civil War Mystery
Confederate General W. W. Loring
Winchester, Virginia 1862

Uncivil Death [2001]
Uncivil Death in Norfolk [2004]

Nicolaos and Diotima
Investigating Agent
Athens, 460 B.C.

Amazon Author Page

The Pericles Commission
The Ionia Sanction

Captain Rider Sandman
Veteran of Waterloo
and the Peninsula campaign
19th C Georgian England

Gallows Thief [2002]

Dr. Siri Paiboun,
Elderly Paris-trained doctor
and State Coroner
Laos 1970s

The Coroner's Lunch [2004]
Thirty-Three Teeth [2005]
Disco for the Departed [2006]
Anarchy and Old Dogs [2007]
Curse of the Pogo Stick [2008]
The Merry Misogynist [2009]
Love Songs from a Shallow Grave [2010]
Slash and Burn [2011]
The Woman Who Wouldn't Die [2013]

Shared world literary thrillers
with some interconnection of plotlines,
characters, and setting (Victorian
London and Northamptionshire)

The Meaning of Night [2006]
  1854 featuring Edward Glyver
The Glass of Time [2008]
  1876 featuring Esperanza Gorst

This short story collection
by a CTT member author
includes several
historical mystery stories

Do the World A Favor [2003]

Richard Crabbe 1

Tom Braddock,
Police detective
New York City 1883-89

Suspension [2002]
The Empire of Shadows [2003]

Richard Crabbe 2

Mike Braddock,
Police detective
New York City 1904

Hell's Gate [2008]

Cornelius Quaint,
circus owner and master conjuror
Victorian London, 1850s

The Equivoque Principle [2008]
The Eleventh Plague [2009]
The Lazarus Curse [2011]

Historical Caper Novel
Edward Pierce. mastermind
London 1855
based on real life events

The Great Train Robbery [1975]

Humphrey Bogart, actor
Terry Scott, P.I.
Hollywood California 1946-7

We'll Always Have Murder [2003]

China Bohannon
bookkeeper turned sleuth
Doyle & Howe detective agency
1890s, Idaho

Two Feet Below

Quartermaster First Class Hobson
Japan 1913

Jade Rooster [2006]

Donna Fletcher Crow

Lord Danvers Mysteries
Lord Charles Danvers and
Lady Antonia Hoover
Scotland, 1850s

A Most Inconvenient Death [1993]
Grave Matters [1994]
To Dust You Shall Return [1995]

Ann Crowleigh
(aka Barbara Cummings & Jo-Ann Power)

Clively Close Manor Mysteries
Mirinda & Clare Clively, twins
Victorian London Mayfair

Dead As Dead Can Be [1993]
Wait For the Dark [1993]

Duane Crowley

Geoffrey Chaucer
Lawyer, poet & courtier
England and France mid-14th century

Riddle Me a Murder [1986]

CTT (Crime Through Time) Anthologies
Crime Through Time [1997]
Crime Through Time II [1998]
Cat Crimes Through Time [1999]
Crime Through Time III [2000]

Patrick Culhane 1
(aka Max Allan Collins)

Wyatt Earp, 70-year-old retired
Marshal working as a PI
Bat Masterson, his former
deputy, now a sportswriter
New York & California 1920

Black Hats: A Novel of Wyatt Earp and Al Capone [2007]

Patrick Culhane 2
(aka Max Allan Collins)

Naval ensign Peter Maxwell
Naval choir leader
turned ship's officer
San Francisco CA 1941 WW II

Red Sky in Morning [2008]

Mitch Cullin

Literary Holmes pastiche
Sherlock Holmes,
retired detective
Sussex 1947

A Slight Trick of the Mind [2005]

Thomas Rendell Curran

Eric Stride, former Prohibition era
smuggler, now a CID Inspector
St. Johns Newfoundland Canada 1930s

Undertow [2003]
The Rossiter File [2005]
Death of the Lesser Many [2011]

Clare Curzon
(aka Rhonda Petrie / Marie Buchanan)

Sleuths and sisters-in-law
Lady Isabelle Delmayne
Eugenie, Countess Crowthrowne
1908, Edwardian England          

Guilty Knowledge [1999]

Young Parson Tobias Campion
Moreton Priory, Warwickshire
England Spring 1810

The Keeper of Secrets [2007]
Shadow of the Past [2008]

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